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Maximo fell apart - Page 2

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I can in fact actually safely say I do take extreme care with my audio and video equipment, no matter how cheap.  Only once did they ever fall on the floor from 4 feet.  And that was a year ago.  If the glue keeps failing, there are designs to counter this.  They could make the metal be sort of interlocking, or even solder the two pieces together, and then polish it and it would appear as one piece altogether.


But I am serious, I do take extreme care with my stuff.  Even when putting the away I carefully wrap them back up into it's bag.


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If you didn't break the connections, just super glue em back together.

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I'm resorting to this this, because Maximo fell through and has not replied to my request for replacement, despite my nice written letter (I was kind in the email, as can be despite being upset).


Maximo won't have my business again.

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No wonder they aren't replying..  Apparently they are out of business.  Apparently quite a few people are trying to contact them with no luck, not even an answer of their phone.


Looks like it's no use.  I'll have no use but to super glue it back together, or better yet, just get a better permanent in ear solution.

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