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The package delivery from hell

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I have to share with you all the package delivery from hell, thanks to Mouser and UPS. This is for a package travelling from Texas to Utah.

1. Jun 29th - I order some DIY headphone amp supplies from Mouser and give them the correct address.

2. July 5th - UPS attempts to deliver the package, but fails. Apparently Mouser has left off my apartment number from the address.

3. July 5th - I call Mouser and they admit that they have left my apartment number off the address. They say they will contact UPS and arrange to have the apartment number added.

4. July 9th - UPS attempts to deliver the package, but fails.

5. July 9th - I receive a postcard from UPS (mailed to the original address mouser had put on the package, with the apartment number left off). USPS has no trouble delivering the postcard to me. The postcard has a phone number to call and a control # for my package.

6. July 9th - I call UPS and the lady reads off the updated address they have for my package (mouser had indeed called them) and it is some weird address in another town. No wonder the delivery failed. The lady says I can pick up the package at the UPS distribution center and gives me an address.

7. July 9th - I drive 20 minutes to the UPS distribution facility to pick up my package. The package isn't there. They say their drivers have not come in yet, so it's probably still on a truck. They take down my address, and I even get to proofread it this time!

8. July 10th - UPS delivers my package, but not to me!

9. July 11th - I call UPS again and the lady reads off the address where my package was delivered, and it is a different address yet again, in a different city. She takes my phone number and says they will call me back in an hour.

I do have to add that when I called Mouser on July 5th, the lady told me that if they can't get this worked out they will send me another package out by fedex. It looks like it may come down to that!
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Hmm, UPS must have problems around there... I got all of my orders perfectly from UPS (except for one where I accidentally gave the wrong zip code, still got the package but it took a few days longer)
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Usually ppl hate UPS - poorly handled packages, bad service, long shipping, etc. I haven't had any of those problems...and i love UPS.

All though, if what happened to u EVER happened to me, UPS would NEVER deliver again to me, god willing. My sympathies go out to you....
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Sorry to hear about that, slindeman.

Honestly, I hear people over at AudioAsylum complaining about UPS, FedEx, USPS, and every other delivery company in existence. I think it really depends on the workers for each company in your area. For instance, the UPS guy that delivers all my packages is really cool and cheerful, and I've never had a problem of any kind w/ him. Some people are luckier than others in this regard.
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My UPS orders always arive like clockwork at 4:30 in the afternoon. My family gets so many packages that the UPS guy knows where to put the packages if we arn't here. All I have to do is stop by a shed on my way to our house and pick it up. All my experiences with USPS and FedEX have been less than great, neither have the wonderfull tracking system that UPS has. Hope you get your amp, and soon.
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This is too familiar...

They're so disorganized it's amazing they're able to stay in business.
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I've been very happy with Fed-Ex these days but don't recall any delivery nightmares in the past through UPS.

I always do request however that stuff not be shipped to me via UPS from out of Canada as they have by far the most expensive customs paperwork costs as opposed to Fed Ex or Post Office. They usually charge me $43 Can. simply for paperwork....even I I don't owe a cent in duties or taxes.
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I'm cheered by UPS drivers as "a big supporter for e-commerce". Since 1996 I ordered online first time, so many stuff delivered by UPS guys that they know where I live even though the address was grossly mis-spelled (my foreign name surely helps also). They always come between 12 to 1:30.

The only quibble I have is that whenever there was a slight damage to the packaging, they wouldn't ring my door bell and took the package back to seller automatically even though I was pretty sure the content was intact. The mailman is smarter: he always let me inspect the damaged packaging.
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Last year I ordered a bunch of parts worth about $60 from Newark Electronics, and specified UPS shipping on their on-line order form.

They proceeded to ship me the parts from about four different warehouses by Airborne Overnight, charging me about $11 or $14 for each separate package. I guess some of the stuff was backordered, because a couple weeks later, they shipped me a couple more separate packages from different warehouses. The total shipping bill turned out to be more than double the products themselves.

I complained, and they said they'd get back to me, but they never did.

However, the last few times I've been forced to order from them again because nobody else has the part I need, they've Airborned it to me for free, so I think they must have made a note of the problem in their customer database.
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