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Grado "SR325i" and "is" (some questions)

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Hi, yesterday i went in the local Hi-Fi store in my hometown, and looking for some grad SR225i, the seller (that is a friend of mine) offered me the next level in the prestige series: SR325i (about 300 $)

But is there any differences between the SR325iS? 

Yes, i googled and i found that SR325i are the 50th anniversary model (the gold one). But is there any differences in sound, drivers? or only the color of the cans?

Can you explain me about this? 


Thanks to all



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The Gold SR325i is sadly, no longer available New, unless your seller had some NOS examples lying around. the SR325is is the same Can, with a Silver Finish instead of gold. Lately, Grado has been Pushing a New Chrome finish on these and the PS1000, and, i'm not a fan of the look. There are some retailers who still have the classic matte finish in stock, I saw a pair in J&R a couple of weeks back. Grab them if they are the Gold ones and they sound good to you.



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I'm using my SR325is right now and I personally like the silver look. It matches my silver amp and dac. And I think another change that was made for the 325is model is a thicker cable than the previous model. I may be wrong, but I think this is to attend to the highs that the 325 is [in]famous for. Although i have never listened to the 325i model, I have had no problems with shrieky highs, but your mileage may vary.

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Thanks to all, it's more clear now! I think my seller has an old model of Gold Rs325. I'll take that one!



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Take the goldies. They're my favorite production Grado ever made, tis a shame they went with chrome but I still like it :)

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Buy those Goldies NOW.


and post glorious pictures to make us jealous!!

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I'm so jelly! I want goldies!

I'm currently loving these SR225i though. Just got them yesterday from Amazon. 

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Originally Posted by plastick View Post

I'm so jelly! I want goldies!

I'm currently loving these SR225i though. Just got them yesterday from Amazon. 

Great headphones, I would never part with my original SR-225. I remember saving up 20 bucks at a time every week for them... *teary eye*



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Oooooooooh..... gold.....

I have a matte silver pair, and they sound great. I recommend you look at a Little Dot 1+ to make 'em really shine. And maybe a uDac-2 or similar for a source.

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I did a full write up comparing the 325IS*goldies* to the RS2 as well as the silverish ones. The man in the store has listened to all of them and assured me that the goldies and the new chrome ones sound the same just look hideous.


the 225i's and anything below the 325 int he grado line receive all of my hate. Same with the GS1000.

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