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ok so i've had the fx700 for a while now (maybe a year) and i've just did that sony hybrid mod someone discovered. (where you just cut half of the inside connector piece on the sony hybrid so it opens up the full diameter of the FX700 speaker) and it sounds lovely...

I am drowning in music so deep but clear... its beautiful.

I've finally experienced the great timbre of the fx700

It seems to have lifted a huge veil, it evened out the highs and lows, sounds more open/airy, and super transparent, and the bass just hugs you.

Thanks for the Sony Hybrid mod dude.

I can't decide which earphone sounds better now, my FX700 or my CK10.

I'm having a blast with the FX700 though!!!!

FX700 is now sounding grand/bigger/full/wider similar to my broken IE8... I just wish I could compare the two.

Anyways, to answer the question about a good trance IEM for under $35, The V-Moda Bass Frequency earphones are my favorite, good bass..and for $25 at Radioshack..
* The Best universal IEMs for trance that i remember from my thread were:

I'm sure the Atrios and EX1000 sound great with trance, but I haven't heard em...

But for now the FX700's exceptional Bass/Details/Timbre/Transparency/Imaging/Soundstage is proving to be in-sync with Trance.
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I think all of the top-tier IEM that I have owned sounded great with trance, so here is the list from best-to-least in trance (most are from memory...):


FX700 > MTPC > TF10 = MD Tribute = IE8

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My favorite IEMs for trance would have to be the Radius HP-TWF11. The synths are so alive and crisp, and the bass punches so hard (but clean!) it feels like my brain stem is being disintegrated with each kick. If only they had a better fit, I'd use them exclusively.
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I had the ie8/s and i listen to armin van buuren and above and beyond, i was extremely happy with them, but they broke. New ones are too expensive, I am looking at the fxt90/s.

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I like using my N3i, Silver Bullet, and GR07 for my Trance listening


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Originally Posted by djvkool View Post

I like using my N3i, Silver Bullet, and GR07 for my Trance listening



Have you listened to the fxt90's?

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The EPH100s sound awesome with big room style trance.
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Hi there! Ive been scouring the nets (a lot of head-fi) for the past few days regarding top tier (under 500$) universal IEMs that play well with bass heavy genres such as (trance, dubstep, drum & bass etc).


Heres a basic list of what Ive been observing.. Although the iE80 has good reviews regarding bass response.. frankly im turned off by the idea of an adjustable "bass knob". It feels very gimmicky to me and suggests the product is very overpriced. Not to mention more moving parts = bad.


Westone 4 freq response seems to be "dark"?.. but somewhat lacking in sub response from what ive heard despite its consistently high reviews.. so these are a maybe?... idk.


I havent been able to get a clear review on the J-phonics regarding playback with EDM genres unfortunately so im in the dark there as well..


The TDK's came highly reviewed on a inner fidelity review post but it was posted in 2011 which leads me to think its probably outdated considering the advances in the past 3 years.. 


Westone 4             ($450)        4 BA

j-phonic K2 SP      ($400)        2 BA

TDK BA200           ($250)        2 BA

(Sennheiser) iE80($270)        1 Dynamic


Im kind of exhausted researching this... Im ready to buy a pair of 500$ or less universal IEMs.. some guidance would really be appreciated.. im surprised there isnt a threat already covering this TBH.. Ive already learned a ton in the past few days about IEMs and now im at a seamingly infinite crossroads without any definitive help from anyone yet.


SUMMARY: 500$ or less universal fit IEM (balanced armature or dynamic or hybrid) that plays best with bass centric EDM music.. not necessarily more bass (maybe more).. but focused also on bass clarity / punch and definition (which may constitute a freq response curve with accentuated lows around 40 hurtz and cuts around 330 hurtz).


Please help >.<


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I would suggest the Triple-Fi 10s for a fun sound signature for Trance in terms of armature drivers. Has great bass, but remember these are not dynamic drivers; you will hear great bass, but not feel it. However, you will have the advantage of not bothering the people around you, since there is no bass port.



For dynamic driver IEMs, I have no idea. However, if feeling the base is important, then this is a must. However, dynamic IEMs will bother people around you with the noise leakage. I can't use my dynamic IEMs around people because they think I am listening super loud and hurting myself; when it is really just hte bass port leaking purposely doing so.

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Shure SE846. 

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Originally Posted by ubs28 View Post

Shure SE846. 

Sennheiser ie800 :p.

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Originally Posted by guy30 View Post

so after a loooong research i bought the shure se535. the sound is great but the bass just not there.

i'm looking for some good headphone with warm sound that produce healthy bass

got un limited budget

any ideas ?



what do you people think makes music more fun to listen, iem or full size headphone ?


I read all the other posts, but could not find any that I could follow up with my personal opinion. Thus, I am replying to your first post.


I own both the EX1000 and the SE846, both of them do sound pretty amazing on trance (to me the EX1000 has punchier bass, while the SE846 goes deeper) ... but, the thing I sometimes crave when listening to club music and/or  heavy bass presence albums like Lorde "Pure Heroine" is the physical vibration of the drivers from over-the-ear headphones (like when I pump up my LCD-3 through the Pathos Aurium amp... just sublime)...


Due to my cravings, I recently ordered the following Pioneer SE-CX9 ($299): http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/products/42/67/226/SE-CX9/page.html ; they are big for a pair of earphones; but, the promise (at least marketing wise) is that they will vibrate on low notes. We will see... :-)...There is also a cheaper version the SE-CX8 (if not mistaken $199).


Having said the above, I will probably refrain myself in buying the SE-CX9 as a primary IEM, I can't imagine listening to classical or jazz with it.



Simon T.

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Just received the SE-CX9, it does deliver as publicized i.e. physical vibration; below, a picture for size comparison versus the Shure SE846 (huge indeed compared to the SE846).  unfortunately, did not have my EX1000 for size comparison.



As of now, I am listening to Avicii's True album, it is a "FUN" feeling... I mean the physical vibration :-).



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