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Need help first timer here

Poll Results: Which Cans

  • 0% (0)
    AudioTechnica ATH-M35
  • 42% (3)
    Sony XB700
  • 42% (3)
    Grado SR60
  • 14% (1)
7 Total Votes  
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I just today Purchased the PA2v2 amplifier form Gary @ Electric Avenue   my budgets about 70-80, what im looking for is a set of closed cans that have ALOT of volume and good low end bass extention. 


ive been looking at audiotechnica athm35, Sony xb700, grado sr60,


again my main focus is loudness and bass extention with ok sq. i was originally getting ath m50s but cant justify the 150 for what i want out of them.  Thanks in advance for any help, I look forward to being a member of the community here.

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my main use is that i'll be using them on my treadmill on an ipad with the pa2v2 or my laptop with the pa2v2,  Trying to feel the music

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What on earth has possessed you to want full size headphones for a treadmill?

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ability to have more sound.  i dont mind the weight or sweat. i just want alot of sound

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How on earth did the sr60 make that list with what you're looking for in mind?

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If you want a lot of sound out of a headphone you'd be able to run with you might want to look at the Marshall Major. It has a really upbeat sound, which is great for working out, and has a clamping force tight enough to stay on your head. Pretty cheap too, but has great sound in my opinion. 

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treadmill.... you should get an IEM instead, imho.


perhaps Vsonic GR07.

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ive had a ton of IEM never anything that has a full enough sound for me

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oh ok.


Sony XB1000

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For a treadmill, full-sized headphones + ipad > IEM + ipod, literally biggrin.gif


But have you tried upgrading your IEMs instead of going full-sized?


Also, another option within your price range would be the AKG K518.

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kiteki those arent even close to my price range, and the gr07 i have had before.

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your thread title says "first timer here" and you have 5 posts, I didn't realise you had shoveled through a pile of IEM's already.


I'll vote for the XB700 then, they are really comfy, have a good enjoy factor, and good quality bass IIRC, not sure how well they "clamp" onto your head though, nor how they react to lots of sweat.


There are probably more hardcore thumping headphones out there, if that's what you like to keep you motivated when working out, I'm not sure but maybe DT 770 in that case..........

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I meant first time here on headfi rather then first time with any experience sorry.   This is my rather first experience with some full headphones though.  Im thinking about adding a little to the budget and getting some Audio Technica ATH m50's  im hoping for an increase in volume from my Pa2v2 on these cans rather then the originals

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I heard the Sony ZX700 is better than the M50, and it looks **** good, is very light+solid build, but if it sounds anything like the V6 then I don't think it will sound very exciting.

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So i just purchased the M50's , didnt get a great deal but was 130 after shipping and california sales tax. hoping these things give me what im looking for, or i'll have to resell them and look for somethign else


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