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MEE M9 vs M9P?

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Any difference in terms of the sound quality between the M9 and the M9P? I was considering buying some M6 for $20 on amazon but found M9Ps for $13 on meritline ( for anyone who's interested). If M9P's offer improved sound qualities compared to the original M9's, I might consider buying those.

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There is no difference in sound quality.  The M9Ps have a remote and mic while the M9s don't.

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Sound Quality/Signature are identical in both M9 and M9p variants,


the mic's SQ is rather low, adds a tinny sound to my voice.


btw the M9/p is quite old already, Meritline might be clearing old stock, altho the same will happen even if you buy from Meelec

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Nope, you paying extra for the mic, and only the mic.

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Love the M9s for the price.... Especially if you like a fuller bassy sound.  Saw these M9ps were only $10ish shipped on amazon the other day but as usual sat on my hands and they went up in price.

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