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Cheap HD580/600/650 cable?

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Although I haven't had a problem with the stock cable on my HD580s, It's just way to stringy and I would like to "upgrade" to something with more durability (Maybe more aesthetically pleasing). However, I don't want to pay even $100 for a pair of headphones that cost me $100 to begin with. After much searching, I haven't found anything less than $100. My budget is about $50, which is my challenge.


Is there any way I can DIY a cable for that much?


I've also heard about people using the HD650 cable but if this is it, It doesn't look much different, other than the all black connectors (instead of the red for the right).


Thanks in advance. I know that a lot of people who lurk this board see no problem in dropping $100 for a Cardas cable, so helping me is probably out of the norm here.

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Ok, I went onto Sennheiser's site and it does indeed say "Improved thickness". So, I might just get that.


I wish I could delete this thread now.

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That's HD650's cable alright.

You can certainly put together a DIY cable for $50, assuming you already have the tools and solder to do it, I think.

Here's the NP3XB.

TR Audio will sell you the Sennheiser connectors for $16 shipped.

Then you can source Mogami starquad from your local Guitar Center.

Then a cheap iron from radioshack and some solder... I think that's $50 right there, lol.

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