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Help on more portable headphones

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I already have IEM's, but I really started to dislike putting them in my ear. Are their any "portable" headphones around $200-300 that have a a warmer tone to them? I had the Shure srh940, but I felt like they were a little too bright for me and the bass was not where I wanted it to be. I am mainly looking for closed btw. I will mostly be using them with an ipod and my Macbook pro. I mostly listen to house/dance/dubstep and rock


So far I am looking at the Sennheiser HD25-1


Any other suggestions?


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HD25-1 ii might be a little bright but not as much as the 940, they are a senn so they are pretty laid back and darker then most cans.


Good for portable too

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ESW9 will be warmer than HD25.

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Can anyone comment on how the beyer dt1350 and the m50? I am also looking at these, but more ideally something about the same size as the hd25


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I love, LOVE the overall sound of the DT1350. However, they really need to be amped to achieve full potential. When I first got them I listened to them amped and subsequently was not too impressed when plugged directly into my iPhone 4. Plus apparently I have a freakishly large head as they're not very comfortable so I can't listen to them for more than an hour or two at a time. Despite all that I just can't get over the sound so I use them as my work cans.

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Okay. Thanks for the input. It is so hard for me to decide right now, as I love the size of the Sennheiser HD-25, but looking at the M50 price makes me lean towards it more. I am not looking to carry an amp with me where ever I go, portability is the main factor. 

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Also, are their any suggestions that would sound kind of like my Monster Turbine Pro Copper? I enjoy the sound of these being somewhat more towards the warmer side and great bass, but not getting to the point where it is muddy. I feel like the m50 would actually fit this criteria more than the hd-25. Any comments?


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Take a look at the Denon AH-D1100.


Circumaural, closed, portable and doesn't need amplification.


They are also great for your musical preferences, this coming from a fellow dubstep fan.

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