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Speaker recommendations for WooAudio 5 (WA5)

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Might not be the right forum (Head-Fi and all... ;-), but I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for speakers to pair with a WooAudio WA5.  Listening interests incldue Rock/Pop and electronic.  Im assuming I can get a speaker pair that can be driven directly by the WA5's speaker amp.


Appreciate it, Thanks.

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Check out the Zu Audio models, they are ultra high efficiency and will play louder than you could stand with the 8 watts per channel of the WA5. They sound very good with the types of music you listen to, a lot of fun.


While you can try some more conventional type speakers most all will need a lot more power. And it is really not just efficiency here, but that the impedance is SET amp friendly which typically means 8ohms or higher and no big dips in the bass region.

There are some other companies doing similar high efficiency designs but most tend to be priced even higher. Also there is an SET forum on Audio Asylum but I find most of those folks are into DIY vintage horn stuff though still worth having a look.

Happy Listening.

PS. If you haven't already heard a pair of HE-6's driven from the WA5's high-power K1K jack try to have an audition if possible, magical stuff!
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This is exact ally the info I was looking for.  Thanks!  Both the Zu Audio's and the HE-6's have been added to my want lists.


Any suggestions on the Zu Audio models?  I haven't spent a lot of time looking through the specs on the various options yet.  The Soul Superfly looks nice and loud. (16 ohm, 101 dB SPL @ 1, 35 - 20k+)  The Essence has wider bandwidth, but not as efficient. (12 ohm, 97dB SPL @ 1, 30 - 40k+)  The Definition is starting to get out of my price range at 10k (8 ohm, 101dB SPL @ 1, 16-20k)   Although its pretty impressive that it can drive 2 full range drivers and a tweeter on <8 watts.


Thanks again!



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Take a look at other highly efficient speakers, too, especially on your budget.

Klipsch makes some wonderful models - the Klipschhorn, La Scala and a few others are longtime favorites of SET owners.

So are Lowthers, which have a longtime cult following. So does Altec's Voice of the Theater speaker.

If you want to go exotic, consider some of the field coil speakers, like Supravox and Fertin. There are a number of boutique manufacturers, too, but field coils are very much a small niche.

Some high-efficiency singledrivers are available, too. Cain & Cain makes some beautiful ones, but you can source some terrific drivers, too, like the ones from Jordan. The Hammer Dynamics one is popular, too, though it's coaxial.

Now, some of these come as raw drivers. Not to worry, a good local cabinet shop can build them. Not terribly different from a kitchen cabinet and something like a Lowther has a simple electrical connection - you just hook the driver to the terminal posts. Two minutes and it's done. There are advantages to having cabinets built locally, too. One, you won't have to have them shipped. Two, you will get to pick the wood and finish. If you have a Significant Other about, the SO can have the cabinets matched to the furniture, walls, floor, or whatever the SO wants. That can be a peacemaking compromise when you drag speakers into the house.
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Like UE suggested, the Klipschhorn, they are big though.


Now the HE-6, I have a pair, I'm using an all tube Audio Research D70 Mk II amp, 65wpc now. They sound great with this amp. Before the ARC I was using a small Sophia baby tube amp, 10wpc. They sound very good with the Sophia but the ARC takes the HE-6 higher.

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Glad to have a few more options than the Zu Audio's.  I was in a local shop today and mentioned the Zu Audios and the salesman literally screamed that those are "The worst speakers he has ever heard. No midrange at all." Although he praised the Woo Amp after inquiring about the specs and my Clearaudio Performance SE turntable choice, he suggested I may want to get a separate speaker only tube amp (an inexpensive Synthesis Nimis) and some more conventional speakers (Audio Note AN-J, which actually might work with the WA5), then try and use the WA5 for headphone and speaker.  He figured I would same money over trying to find a good super efficient speaker pair to drive from the WA5.


He also questioned the use of a switch to alternate between the outputs on the WA5 (speaker vs headphone amps) and that of the amplified signal is going to a switch, in the end the amp would only be as good as the switch.  Any opinions on that?

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I would say that specs can be meaningless sometimes. It's your ears that matter. Also, I would be careful of very opinionated sales people. A good sales person, in my opinion (no pun), should not be so vocal about his opinions. It's best to bring some reference CDs that you know well and audition the gear and make a mental note of what you hear and what you are looking for in the sonics. 

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I've heard a couple of the Zu Audio speakers in person and I was really hoping to like them but I just could not. They are one of the worst HIFI speakers I've heard as well. I would agree in saying that they lacked mids they seem to lack everything other then highs, they almost sounded like laptop speakers with more detail to me, but to each his own this is only my impression so make sure to demo them for yourself if you can. Don't forget that DIY is always an option with speakers and you can have a lot of fun doing it too.
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I have heard Woo 5 with B&W 804 and it sounded absolutely beautiful and I can not understand how is it possible beacause 804 needs at least 50Watts. Do not know what is your budget and there is sure many option but try listen this combination. 

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I agree with the comments about opinionated sales people.  I also am familiar with how things work with dealer networks.  At least the guy didn't trash anything I already owned. :-)

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The WA5 with a Klipschhorn would be a win for sure if you have the right kind of room to set it up in.

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bastanis firebirds with the xtz sub amp1 dsp.

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Originally Posted by knopi View Post

I have heard Woo 5 with B&W 804 and it sounded absolutely beautiful and I can not understand how is it possible beacause 804 needs at least 50Watts. Do not know what is your budget and there is sure many option but try listen this combination. 

Could anyone offer knowledge that WA5 can drive B&W 804? Thanks, Steve

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Would anyone have any recommendations for some decent monitors for near field use that would mate well with the WA5? Prefer some bottom end too.

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I went with AudioNote AN-E's, but the AN-Js should work as well.



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