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Amplifier/ IPOD Rubber Bands - Page 3

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i ordered the last one so if i needed to trim it to fit either length or width i can

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Velcro straps going across and vertical would work, but won't the rig just slip around if you used 1 Velcro across?

I think that's why rubber bands are typically used.
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problem i have is amps in different sizes so i want something to cover all bases.i usually carry in a decent size shorts pocket and if its tight it should stay fine.also have a thin silicon type sheet that fits between ipod/amp for cushion.

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Oh that makes sense.  Good idea too on the silicone sheet for protection.  I've just ordered some silicone Fiio bands off ebay for around AU$6 so will see what their like for my iPhone/C&C BH amp when it all arrives.  :)


If the sizings off then its velcro for me.  Thanks.

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