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Help me get some new cans!

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Hi there!


Im in the market for some new cans and i´m having a hard time to make up my mind as usual. 


What i´m looking for is a pair of closed hps with some fun in them. Not by any means the super-disco sounding type but something with a little punch.


At the moment i got the nuforce udac and a pair of AKG k242HD which im very very pleased with ( except that im going to upgrade the source ) But the 242s are very "true" sounding to me and an open design. 


I also have the old but faithful Sennheiser HD200s which i like a lot. They sound not by far as correct and good as the 242s but i find them fun.


So to replace the 200s... Maby the Shure 8040, Sennheiser HD380pro, AKG k272HD? 


By going for the 272s it feels like i´m buying the same headphone except the cups which are closed? 


Whatever cans i get, they will get Daced and amped properly..So bring on the suggestions please if you are still with me :)


I am located in sweden so the range of cans may not be as good as for let´s say the states. 



Budget is around 200-250 dollars.

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If you're very very pleased with a headphone and simply want a closed one (for whatever purpose), then having the same headphone available essentially open & closed would be the logical choice, right?


Check out: Shure 840's, Ultrasone HFI 580's, BeyerDyanmic DT660 and the AKG K272's.


Very best,

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How bout the audio-technica ATH-M50? also the KRK KNS-8400 would be something i can see myself go for..


As much as i do love the 242s it feels a bit boring to get the 272s even if they sure are a great choice. Why closed cans? Well its rather simple, i want to crank it up even when my beloved better half is in the same room as me. Battlefield 3 is coming right up so i want to go guns blazing without being screamed at that its to loud :P ( Gaming sound is not a priority ) 


Thanx for the reply!

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I'd forget the 380s; having listened to them at length on two separate occasions,

Not much going on with those phones.  Not much that's very good, anyway.


I had the AKG 271 MK II, which I understand is essentially identical to the 272HD.

Well made as you'd expect, but missing something at the very high end.

They just don't reach up there very well if at all, and they're a bit shy in the bass as well.

It's more than fair to say that they lack punch.


The Shure 840 (not 8040 as you wrote; possibly just a typo) are really fine headphones.

Plenty has been said on that topic.  Full, rich sound.  Could very well be what you're looking for.

Also prices have eased a bit; I paid a full 199.USD for mine when they first came out.

(Recently I saw they were available on Amazon for 138 USD, which

is a tremendous bargain for such good headphones.)


Worth a listen are Ultrasones.  The 780s in particular have plenty of top and bottom (perhaps even a bit too much...)

and put out a big sound.  Very good headphones overall.  Not very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, though -

the only reason I sold mine.


And, of course, the ATH-M50s are worth a listen.  Exceptional closed back phones, as you'll quickly gather

if you look through the immense number of positive posts about them on this forum and elsewhere.


Finally for now, I'd add that the Senn HD 25 1 II are very, very good phones with a lively sound.

Far better than the 380's.


The Denon 2000s are very good; I think they're overpriced as they tend to be offered in the 350USD range.

The 840s compare favorably at half the price, as do the Audio Technica ATH-M50s. 


The Fischer 003 phones receive excellent reviews but I've not listened to them.



All IMHOs, IMOs, YMMV's, etc. are already included.









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Thanx for that one! Well the 380s are out of the question. for many years i have bin looking at the hd25, the only reason i don´t see myself getting them is that they are on ears. Its no argue that they are a very good choice after all.


ATH-M50s..Well i have read ALOT of great reviews of these and the 840 ( yes it was a typo ) And i can get my hands on them here in Sweden. 


Does byerdynamic got any say in this price range? maby the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro has a say in this?

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Beyer's entry in the price range, the DT770, has way too much bass for me.

I wanted to like those phones, but - too much bass.


(I'll add that the DT880, which are open - Beyer calls them "semi-open", but they're open -

are one of my favorite all around headphones.  Just want to make the point that Beyer

makes a whole lot of outstanding headphones - but the DT770s, while pretty good otherwise,

just have too...much...bottom.  And it's not very tight, either.)



I recommend you take a listen if you can to the Shure 840, Audio-Technica ATH-M50,

and an Ultrasone in your price range.  If you like the HD 25 1 II, I'm pretty sure you'd

like any or all of those phones.

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