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can't decide, please help

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I am interested in buying a pair of high end IEM. I've read the review on this website and it was a lot of help, but I am stuck on deciding between two models. 


1. Etymotic HF5

2. Monster Turbine Pro Copper

3. other?


I listen to all kinds of music, not that big into the quality of the sound. I found both of them on eBay for around $120. I chose those two for the price, isolation and sound quality. The MTPC seems to be more comfortable because it doesn't go in as deep, but at the same time the HF5 has better isolation. 

A question though, if you are wearing a pair of IEM with good isolation and it gets yanked out fast, would that damage your ear? 




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I would be wary of turbine pro coppers at 120.  Seems way too cheap so they are probably fake.

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