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having sold my full-size closed phones for something more portable I settled on the AKG 518LE (mainly because Amazon was selling the red ones for $45).... sound is great, perhaps a tad lacking in detail but I'm happy enough considering they're portable cans. BUT they are not the most comfortable headphones, to put it mildly. 


Clamping force is too great and they are too small, which exacerbates the clamping issue. I have them at full extension and the *just* fit over my head, and my head is not abnormally sized!  What was AKG thinking? Are these for women only or something?! Do Austrians have really small heads?!


So does anyone have suggestions for headphones with a similar sound (good bass, perhaps could be a little more detailed), similar compact size but that are far more comfortable, all for under $100? These are my "fun" office cans, so I'm not looking for reference quality. I've never been a great fan of the Sennheiser sound (too laid back and soft)... my ideal sound sig is something like the Beyer DT990 (my favorite cans for music but, sadly, open backed and huge).

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