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I meet 2 and 4. My younger brother has a serious case of 1. I should send you a picture of his small ears...

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I qualify for all 4 but i live in Canada :(

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I qualify for 2 and 4. I could never find a earphone that is comfortable and fits me.

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I would definitely love to try out a pair of these "TinyEar" phones. I love to fall asleep wearing headphones, but none of the ones I have tried are comfortable when rolling over. And I also need a good pair of workout headphones, my last ones broke recently and I wanted to get a pair with better sound quality. Anyway's I guess that means I qualify for conditions 2 and 4. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and good luck to everyone!
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when do you announce winners? Not that i'll win. Good luck to everyone
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We will announce the winners on Oct 3rd (next Monday), in order to give our customer the best sound, our engineer decided to modify the driver which resulted in schedule delay again. But we promise you that it is definitely worth the wait, we just heard the new version of TinyEar yesterday and it sounded awesome. We will announce the new launch schedule soon.

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I'd like to try these IEMs, I would qualify for 2 and 4.

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1. I have small ears
2. I often sleep with mu earphones on
4. I often exercise with earphones

!! Would be great to try how these work out
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  1. When I get IEMs I have to use the smallest buds they provide
  2. I frequently listen to music sleeping and I ALWAYS do when i take naps. In fact, one of the things I look for in IEMs is how comfortable they are which is defined by whether I can wear them lying down or not
  3. I have had trouble looking for IEMs light enough so that I could properly exercise with.


I would very much like to try out these IEMs because they have qualities I have been looking for in IEMs. Thank you.

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1 and 4


I'm a chinese so I guess I can contribute to sample Asia head size :P


I'm having ear canal irritation from pass experiences with various brand, Westone and Panasonic and Senn IE for example. I'm hopping for such offerings to see if there is a IEM place for people like me.


I probably will not own these IEM if there are not good for me, and I'm willing to surrender my set (if I get one) back to head-fier community for impressions.

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I am one afflicted with 'tiny ear sydrom' I bought a pair of x10s after reading that they were the smallest in ear headphones you can buy and although better than anything I have ever tried, they are still uncomfortable and fall out after a few minutes. I have been considering custom in ears but can not justify the cost when I have my Dennons for around the house and just want something to drown out the noise in work.
These certainly seem to be the answer to all my problems and would love to try them out
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Any word on the winners?

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Here is the winner list, please send message to Spider account here and let us know your contact information (name, email, phone number, US address) and the earphone color you want, our customer service will contact you later. Because of schedule delay, Spider won't be able to ship those TinyEar out till the end of this month, sorry for the delay but you will definitely enjoy this great earphone.


Winners :

1. Rebel975
2. Shogun-x
3. DannyBai
4. earthpeople
5. Anaxilus
6. roadcykler
7. rawrster
8. mythless
9. Ishcabible
10 BobSaysHi
11. project86
12. sidel
13. tattoou2
14. Varley
15. batphink
16. goodvibes
17. Nagasaki_Kid
18. cliffroyroycole
19. -y0-
20. jamesoh


The deadline for winners to contact Spider is Oct 23, we will redraw new winners if some winners fail to send us their contact information.

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what about adding 30 for 100 entrants, or wasnt there 100? anyway, lucky buggers, maybey i'll have better luck next time

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That's too bad. I really needed some IEMs and these seemed like a good fit for me. Glad I bought my HD25-1 ii headphones! Congrats to all the winners though!

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