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I'm a US resident and go to sleep almost every night with IEMs in. My options are very limited due to the fact that I sleep on my side. 

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also, ive entered but i forgot one thing, i use a brushcutter alot (stihl) and i could do with some super small IEM's to fit under the ear defenders, as listening to music makes it a much more pleasant job. Thanks spider. Good luck to everyone.
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I definitely have small ears (I'm constantly struggling with what tips to use, even the smallest often don't work for me). I keep my headphones in my ears when I go to sleep probably 4 nights a week, I don't always sleep with them the entire night but I often go to bed with them and fall asleep with them still in my ears. I don't often use headphones while exercising, mainly because the pairs I've owned in the past have fallen out of my ears constantly when I work out. Headphones that don't fall out during a workout would be wonderful. I would love a chance to try out these IEMs, for lower priced headphones they seem high quality.

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I would love to try these out not only for jogging and sleeping, but at work too. These definitely look good!

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I often get trouble with 2 and 4.


2: I would like to see wether it is comfortable when I sleep on my side.


4: My current CX200 doesn't fit well when jogging, it keeps slipping off....


Yes, I would like to try this.

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Small ears here.  These are very appealing.

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I qualify for 1,2 kinda 3 and 4
1- My ears are tiny. Period. I mean like 2 1/2 cm high by 3 wide so the only iems that really fit are custom and therefore costly. A mass-produced and cheaper alternatives are much welcomed in my opinion!!

2 - I literally CANNOT sleep well without music an with full-sized cans it males it unbelievably uncomfortable to listen to while trying to sleep, so I have to resort to the iPhone earbuds. Yes. It's really that bad.

3 - I dont have a motorcycle, but cycle to school every day so again I can't use my over ear cans. It would be good to use proper IEMS to test as opposed to just plain buds. Also the isolation would be very much appreciated.

4 - I'm 15, so I go to the gym fairly often and am very active. Tinyears would be handy as they are unlikely to fall out when on my treadmill or bike so again is love to try them!

Good luck everyone!
Kevin Smyth, Ireland
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From the four conditions listed, I qualify for 1, 2, and 3.



1) I'm a 22-year-old female with small ear canals. This has made wearing IEMs a very uncomfortable experience for me. I struggle to find IEMs that won't fall straight out of my ears. I have also tried using bigger IEMs tips by forcing them into my ears but the tightness and pressure just causes my ears to become red and sore.


2) Listening to music helps me fall asleep so wearing IEMs to bed is pretty much routine for me. Just hate the painful feeling from my ears in the mornings from the tight fit of my phones.


3) I'm definitely looking for something more lightweight and with a better seal when I hit the trend mills at the gym.





I would love to be given the opportunity to try the TinyEar phones. I think this may be what I have always been looking for!

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I'd love to try a pair of these for my marathon training, I currently just use the koss portapro but they end up becoming too uncomfortable - good luck to everyone else redface.gif
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I have small ears, even the smallest custom ear buds are too large. I have to use ear buds in order to fall asleep because my room mates are always awake late playing music and watching movies very loud. I don't ride a motorcycle but I do ride a road bike, during which my current ear buds always fall out and I am constantly readjusting them so that they say in. I work out constantly while training for triathlons and I am in constant need of an in ear monitor that constantly stays in. I hope I am considered to receive this great product. 


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I qualify for number 2 and 4, I always listen to music when I go to bed and when I play Basketball.

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I qualify under conditions 2 and 4. 


2: I always go to sleep listening to music. Before I was married, I would just listen to music through my clock radio turned down to a low but listenable volume.  However, my wife isn't able to do the same thing and won't allow me to keep the radio on.  So I had to make a choice, either get rid of my wife or start listening to music through headphones. Since I probably won't find anyone crazy enough to marry me again, I decided to use the headphones.  The biggest issues I have with using them is that they are generally uncomfortable since I tend to sleep on my side.  I tried several different styles and all have the pros and cons.


4. I also use my headphones when I jog (walk fast).  I don't really have too much of an issue when I do this if I use my IEMs except that they get sweat on them. Not sure that's good for them. It does make the flanges slippery, especially if I need to remove them and then reinsert them.

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I have tiny ear canals-only iem that fits me is the etymotics cones and and when I jog they still fall out. I also fall asleep listening to music-a major drawback for cans. Thanks for such a generous offer!

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I'm Asian American and have trouble using the normal sized earphones. Do not ride motocycles but drive a Crossfire convertible and enjoy listening to music while the top is down. Listen to music while in sleeping and jogging. If your TinyEar proven to be excellent then you should be able to promote it in the Asian markets.

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1.  I'm not sure how small my ears actually are, but I've never found a pair of IEMs that I'd consider comfortable, and I do have a considerable amount of trouble keeping a decent seal in both ears no matter what tips I use.  The smaller usually pop out (including foam ones),  while the larger apply too much force and therefore are incredibly uncomfortable.


2.  I've actually broken a few headphones by accidentally falling asleep with them on (oops).  It would be nice to not have to worry about this.


3.  I both jog and bike, needless to say (since I'm here), listening to music while doing so is often more trouble than it's worth because it typically consists of me readjusting the fit constantly, whether I'm using earbuds or full size headphones.

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