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Yeah if you would consider going world wide please say as i qualify for nearly all of them. Apart from the motorbike thing but i snowboard with a helmet and the problem still exists there...

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I don't have the smallest ears around, but they are definitely small. I don't have a problem wearing regular headphones, but they do feel a bit bulky at times. I love to sleep with music, and I have to admit that it can be uncomfortable at times. Do these headphones feel like they aren't there anymore after a while? I do use headphones at the gym, but it's a hassle because I can never shake the headphone feeling in my ear. Anyways, I hope I'm eligible. Good luck to all that apply.
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Actually I've really been needing something lighter to use at the gym lately, and my ears are on the small side. Seems like whether I wear any of my IEMs up or down, with or without an over-the-ear guide they tend to want to fall out when I'm on the treadmill. Annoying! It's actually caused me to cut my workouts short a couple of times.

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looks like i finally found my earphone of choice. The silicon tips that come with IEMs are too big, even the small ones are big, i cant get a good seal and it feels like they're going to fall off. i havent found a snug fit on any IEM. i listen to music while reading and playing games on my laptop, and i shut the comp down and plunk my head straight down without turning off my music. however, the straight barrel IEMs are pretty uncomfortable, and i had some of my earphones short out on me because the cables bend when i lie down,  i also work out at the gym a lot, ive been asking for some recommendations of earphones that are good to use in the gym. music really pumps me up when lifting or just hanging around and shooting hoops. 

anyway, thanks for looking over my little background, and ill look to purchase one of these even if i dont win. they sound perfect for me.

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Oh, God, yes.. Customs are completely out of my price range. If Spider is catering to people with small ears, I'm all over it. And if I happen to miraculously win one, all the better!


I have the smallest ears of anyone I know (and actually consider those with bigger ears to be the abnormal ones =P ). I can only use the smallest silicone tips, and even then, their fit is sometimes iffy. Even before sonic signature and price, the size of the IEM is the first thing I take into account when considering purchases. It's always the limiting factor, and it's prevented me from seriously considering IEMs I would otherwise be interested in.


As far as sleeping with IEMs is concerned, I've attempted it with the HiFiMAN RE0, but the abrasive metal ridges make them impossibly uncomfortable for such a use. I'm sure the TinyEar will be much more practical in that regard.


Thank you, Spider, for the opportunity, and good luck to my fellow small-eared Head-Fiers! I'm hoping these will be a Godsend.

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ok, lets enter this. I have a US adress, hope that counts. Basically im 17, just got a motorbike and my soundmagic PL50 just broke so some nice small IEM's would be nice for when i go out, also i always fall asleep listening to music and would like something more quality than some cheap pc speakers. My ears are small and i dont like certain IEM's because of the fit, so im hoping these would fit me nicely, they look very sleek and i love low profile IEM's. Good luck everyone. Would be great to try and review a spider product.
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Originally Posted by Spidercable View Post

  1. You have small ears and have trouble using normal IEM
  2. You sometimes listen to your music while you are sleeping
  3. Looking for small earphone to wear while you ride your motorcycle
  4. Looking for super light weight earphone for sports (running, jogging)



I will start off by saying I have VERY large ears, and would like to see how these small babies fit into someone with dumbo ears like me.  Right now, I'm using the largest dual-flange in my atrio X, and I can tell you that I could probably go a tiny bit bigger, as I occasionally break a seal on my left ear when I try to insert them.  I've tried the Klipsch ear gels and they were ALL too small.  I can use the medium size shure olives and sony hybrids for deep fit earphones like the Klipsch custom 3 (even then, the mediums feel a tiny bit too small).  For the more conventional IEMs that dont go too deep, i use the largest sony hybrid.


^So why did I tell you all that?  Maybe you guys like to see how these small IEMs fit people with larger ears (the unintended audience).


But I also fit categories 2 & 4.  I like to doze off to my softer songs whenever I'm tired, and I'd like to do it in bed.  I also go to the gym 3+ times a week, and I'd really like to try these IEM's on the treadmill.

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1.  I end having to use the smallest ear tips available for any IEM I use.  Otherwise my ears feel itchy and a bit painful and can't wear them longer than 20-30 min.  I pretty much have a small head too... I wear a size 7 fitted baseball cap haha.


2.  Last night I fell asleep with my ATH-M50 headphones.  Only problem is I have to wake up from my sleepy state to take them off so I can fall into deep sleep and of course my brain reacts by going into fully awake mode.


4.  Been using my Koss KSC75 for running and gym use. Only problem is I have to pump them up really high since they don't provide any isolation.



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I would qualify for conditions 2 and 4.  I usually use my UE700 for naps, but don't like to due to the price tag on them.  I also run, and currently use Meelec M6, the seal tends to break when I run with them even using sony hybrid tips

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2 & 4 for me.  Sometimes I listen to music when I sleep, and the iems I currently use on my infrequent work outs are meh  :(

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have you been observing me lately?


because those are the exact conditions i am suffering from>>>seriously man!!!


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I qualify for 2 and 4.  I sometimes listen while sleeping, and I mountain bike RELIGIOUSLY, so I like the idea of small, light-weight IEMS, especially if that means they'll stay in better when rocketing down eyeball-shaking root-filled downhill sections!

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i meet requirements for 1, 2, and 4!!


1) im 5'7'' so im not very tall. im not a very big kid. i usually stick with over ear phones becasue iems never really fit right. i can usually only use the smallest pair of tips and even those dont fit quite right. forget about those multiple flanged tips there way to big for my little ears. 


2) i fall asleep listening to music every single night. if im not listening to something my brain just goes crazy thinking about all kinds of random stuff. music is the only thing that can just let me relax enough to fall asleep. and because of this i burn through lots of phones trying to find ones that will be comfortable falling asleep in. these look perfect! 


4) i play soccer in college so i have to do a lot of running to keep in shape. all iems ive had are either too heavy or the cord is too thick to run with. on top of the fact that they already barely fit makes my problem even worse. i love running while listening to music! it makes it infinitely more enjoyable.


right now im convinced that if i dont win a pair of these im going to have to buy a set anywaysmily_headphones1.gif

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my wife was just talking about this today. She goes walking at the beach once a day and told me that everyone walks around wearing their ipods and listening to music, except her! She is a tiny, Japanese lady. She is like 4' 9" !!  she has her radio at home all the time driving me nuts because she just blasts it while im watching tv!! If i can get her a pair of earphones, i come out the winner!!



To participate in this giveaway, you need to qualify for one of the following conditions:

  1. You have small ears and have trouble using normal IEM.. check
  2. You sometimes listen to your music while you are sleeping.. check
  3. Looking for small earphone to wear while you ride your motorcycle
  4. Looking for super light weight earphone for sports (running, jogging)... check if walking on beach counts!
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I qualify for #2, all earbuds I've tried so far hurt when I lay down and try to sleep with them on. I need some ear protection because my roommate snores very loudly and it's hard to get to sleep a few nights a week. I would definitely appreciate the opportunity to finally fall asleep to my favorite music instead of just using earplugs.


Thanks for the give away :)

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