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I'm new to the head-fi community. My friend told me about this contests since I'm a track runner with small ears. He is always nagging on me because I use the stock ipod headphones. So I think it would be a nice change to win a pair of these.
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  1. You have small ears and have trouble using normal IEM
  2. You sometimes listen to your music while you are sleeping
  3. Looking for super light weight earphone for sports (running, jogging)


I qualify for 2 and 3 and partially 1.

-I have small ear canals, but I only have trouble with certain IEM's like the UE Triple Fi 10's which never had a good fit in my ear.

-I often listen to my music while I'm sleeping if I go on a long car ride. ( I like to use quiet and relaxing classical music at home as well, and often doze off with the IEM's then as well)

-When I'm exercising (track, jogging, mostly cardio) , I do find a few headphones to be a nuisance purely due to design i.e. heavy cable yolk/splitter or just heavy ear pieces. I end up using cheap headphones that are very lightweight, so I can't enjoy quality sound.


Thanks for giving me the chance in entering this giveaway Spider and I would definitely look forward to listening and testing these out. The aesthetics and design of the headphones look quite interesting. 

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I definitely qualify for 1, 2 and 4. I have really small ears, and always use the smallest tips provided on an IEM. some bigger IEMs have given me fit problems and have a tendency to fall out, like the TF10. I listen to music while I sleep every night; it helps me fall asleep, and what's the point of getting all these nice headphones if I don't listen to them often? :p I like to run quite a bit, and given that I'm heading off to college soon I'm looking to continue this (with more vigor, too). I've tried a few headphones to use while jogging, but many fall out due to heaviness or size. Wearing over-ear can help, but doesn't always seem to do the trick. I don't like to sacrifice audio quality for lightweight beater headphones, but I've had to resort to this in recent days.

Thanks for the opportunity; Spider is just looking better and better! I'd be sure to post a review if I were selected.

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I would fit condition #2 and #4. I have always looked for an earphone that I could use while sleeping to relax. I haven't found the right one although I have tried many different pairs. I also do want something light weight when I am at the gym or running. It's much more convenient and easier having something low profile when exercising so it doesn't get in the way of anything.

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I'd like to be considered for #2 and #4.  Definitely would like to see of these work for sleeping and would love to see how these work while I'm riding my bike and jogging.  

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ops only US residents, oh well.

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My prayers have been answered. I qualifly for all. Its a curse having small ears.
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This would be great for me!  I qualify for 2 and 4.  I always listen to music when I am sleeping either taking a nap or at night.  I also listen to my earphones as I lift weights and run/jog.  

Thank you!

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I'm definitely #1.  During the past few years, I've only gotten IEMs with earhooks because universal IEMs often wriggle out of my ears.  Foam tips work best for me but that can get expensive.

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I would love to get a set of these to use underneath my motorcycle helmet...so far, I haven't found anything that is small enough to stay put under the helmet AND block the ambient noise around me.

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I don't have small ears but I think I still might qualify. I've got mutant alien ears where my tragus and anti-tragus are both oversized, creating a tiny opening. So every IEM I've worn has given me great pain from being too wide. I can't wear any over-the-ear style IEMs since they all have bulky housings, which is unfortunate since many top tier IEMs are in that style. The only IEMs that seem like they might fit me (q-jays, image x10) don't have the sound I want, so all I'm left with is going the custom route.

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I qualify for 2 and 4. I can't lay (lie? Shoot, I forgot the rule with that.) on my side without the IEM being pushed in, which is incredibly annoying. The only one that's worked so far is the Brainwavz M3, but it hurts my ear after a while.
And for 4, I don't have IEM's that I can actually use while running. Shocking right?! They all stick out too much and fall out.
I don't think my ears are small, as much as they angle weird with IEM's, so I can get away with using  any kind of IEM, so long as I'm fine with looking like Frankenstein. And while I don't have a motorcycle, I like putting IEM's under hats, which is rather hard since it pushes most IEM's in, so it's similar to the sleeping situation.
Thanks for this! And Mochan, if I get a pair of these, I'll bring them for sure when I visit. wink_face.gif Unless you're going to order one yourself!
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I recently purchased your realvoice and fell in love with them. I'd love to receive a pair of "TinyEars".


1) I have exceptionally small ears and even the smallest tips feel a bit big on me. It's nearly impossible to use headphones without having to reinsert them several times due to small size of my ears. I've never been able to get the perfect seal and feel that I may be missing out on sound quality.


2) I usually use an iPod dock to listen to music while I sleep. I can't even sleep without listening to music at night. Trying to use headphones and sleeping causes major discomfort especially when sleeping on my side. I would love to test the comfort of these headphones in bed.


3) I have access to my uncle's motorcycle and I'll definitely ask him to take me on a ride to test the capabilities.


4) As stated earlier my ears are exceptionally small and usually fall out of my ears so working out with music has become a burden. I hope that the TinyEars can fix this problem.


I'd love to demo these, looks very promising. Thanks for considering me and making earphones that cater to people with smaller ears.

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US - 20, Rest of the world - 0? Sigh!


I'd have loved a small and comfortable IEM for late night listening. But, the US only condition ruined all the excitement frown.gif.

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i qualify for 1, 2, and 4.  


2 is the most important because it blocks out my #2 daughter crying all night because my wife is a deeper sleeper than i am.  :) (note: baby is getting breast fed so even if i wake up, not much i can do).

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