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Spider Gives Away 20pcs "TinyEar" Micro Driver IEM

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Here are the final product photos, our customer service will contact winners today and please let us know which color you would prefer.

black with case-small.jpgred with case-small.jpg

white with case-small.jpgblue with case-small.jpg


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Where?  do we sign up??





I guess I do have three of the 4 conditions above.


1 - Small guy, small ears, about 5'6". Tried the Re0s, they broke. Tried the Hippo Shroom EB, their microdrivers are somehow located at the front nozzle, making the nozzles rather quite big (8mm i think). Have the Thinksound Ts02. Alternate between small and medium tips. Small gives okay fit, medium hurts.


2 - Always listen to music before sleep. Using the Bowers & Wilkins p5 for that. Take them off right before i doze off.


4 - Use the thinksound ts02 for gym. Good bass response when seal is right but most of the time, the seals come loose due to poor fit. I'm not sure if its driver flex or just poorly manufactured silicone tips but they get rattly when jogging or doing sit ups. They don't rattle when im jumping up and down, only front-to-back movements.






Gah..  another US only spider giveaway :(


I'll pay shipping? :P


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I qualify for condition 2 and 4.  I use to sleep with re0 but worry about build quality(I'm afraid the casing will come apart at the glue point leaving 1/2 the iem in my ear) and they were uncomfortable so I stop using them. I love jogging, in fact I can't stand jogging without a good pair of earphone.

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My girlfriend qualifies for 1, 2, and 4. She has extremely small ears and has a hard time finding ones that fit just right. Her stock iBuds lodge in there, but are uncomfortable for her. The V-moda Vibe's that I bought her fit, but if she moves or talks they fall out. This is why I'm planning on getting her some custom IEM's for her birthday in December, though if these TinyEar's fit then I can save myself $300+. We decided to take a couple pics...


Here is a plain shot of one of her ears, just so you can see how small they are.






And here is the shot of her V-Moda Vibe's falling out, like they always do. I wish she would of let me put up the photo of her sad/angry face! Too bad she didn't want internet fame. ;) Btw, she loves the color blue.



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I would like to be considered.
1. From the two iem that I have Crossroad Mylar One and JVC FX67, the default eartips which usually second smallest from the included tips are still a bit too big for me and hurt me after about 15 minuts. But going to the smallest tips usually is too loose. So definitely my ear belongs to the small ears.
2. I love to use phones while resting in bed. Even with my headphone, actually.
3. No. And I don't think I will do it... it is not safe practice to use IEM while riding/driving in the public road
4. Superlight is always welcome. I believe most of IEM are quite light... unless some metal models that much heavier. But for active moving (like sports, etc.) the more important is whether the cable is microphonic or not. This is more important than the weight of IEM.

EDIT: Upsss... I'm failed on the un-numbered conditions: I'm not US resident!!! smily_headphones1.gif, anyway.... I don't mind to pay the shipping cost if I get it... what about that...
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Aw shucks I'm non-US, such a shame because I am now a big Spider Cable fanboy. :)



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I believe I certainly qualify for the small ear canals and here's why. As an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force I was fitted with triple flange earplugs and I was given the smallest that were available but the technician said that even those may be too big. I was able to use them as long as I moistened them first.


More recently (2 weeks ago) I had molds made for some custom ear pieces and the audiologist was concerned that my molds were too small and he wasn't sure the company would be able to make them. As it turned out, they were able to make a pair but they are still pretty tight but with their lube I can get them into place. 

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I use iems while riding a motorcycle.  Used to use earplugs for my Ducati (full racing exhaust etc so not exactly quiet) and I use them when riding my GS on the street all the time.  I currently use HF3s for the task, and they work reasonably well, but something a little smaller / flusher might do well for the ticket.  I use the smaller triple flange on the Etys and the fit seems reasonable, so I'd be curious how your tips would work.



Oh I also qualify for 2 and 4.  I listen while going to sleep, and I use them for cycling.

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I'd love to try some some for sleep both at home and while traveling abroad.  Also for under the helmet use during track days.  I also strip out the radio to save weight so if you consider auto racing a sport that would apply.  I've heard good things about Spider from the last IEM reviews so I'm curious.


So 2, 3 and 4 presumably.  

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My ears are about average size, and I can fit most IEMs fairly well, but I hate the suction most normal size IEMs have. I also like to sleep while listing to audio books. Right now I use my beyerdynamic 770s, which are quite large, but I find the to be more comforting then most normal IEMs, when laying down. Also in the coming months I will have a lot of free time, and I  plan to take up biking again. 

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Most IEMs fall out of my ear so I guess mine are small. The only IEMs Ive ever had are the BOSE IE2 but those get kinda uncomfortable after working out in them so these may be right for me :D


Oh and I go to sleep in my shures all the time. Yes they are full-size but once I lay my head back and start relaxing the snoozing starts soon after haha.

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1.) I have had a lot of trouble with earphones because of my small ears. I have gone through many pairs of earphones but i have never found one that has satisfied my small ear needs. What tends to happen is ill put the earphone in but the pressure from my ear will causes them to slip out. My little sisters like to make fun of my small ears and they are a lot littler than me, its embarrassing. I have been looking for some iems for a while and havent really found anything, these may just be the perfect fit for my tinyears.


2.) I enjoy listening to music before i go to sleep but i have a problem moving around and getting comfortable because i have to use the over ear audio technica ath m50. if i tried to sleep with my iems they would just fall out and listening would just be a pain.


4.) i love listening to music while walking to class and while at the gym. Right now i have to use the standard apple earbuds because i cant really get anything else to stay in my ear. I just want a good listening experience i think these iems would be perfect for me. Please help me out and choose me.

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I'm in if you'll have me. I still miss the sound of the realvoices that got swiped. I do tend to prefer a smaller profile. Have med. ears but only use smaller IEMs when on the elliptical and at night in case I crash. Don't have a bike at the moment but still have my helmet and could test fit.

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I qualify for 1, 2, and 4.


A lot of IEMs/tips are uncomfortable for my ears and fall out with a minimal amount of movement.

I often listen to music right before going to sleep, but the equipment I have now doesn't allow me to really lay on my side and doze off.

I currently use M6 IEMs for running, but they constantly fall out and just don't fit as I would have hoped.


I'd love to give these a try, and thanks for considering me.

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I only qualify for number 2, I commonly feel like laying down in bed and listening to music, obviously its hard to do with full size headphones and even most IEMs. I want to thank you for giving this community such a nice offer.

Thanks Gatepc smily_headphones1.gif
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