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For Sale: FS Head Stage Arrow 3G

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For Sale:
FS Head Stage Arrow 3G

Will Ship To: CONUS


Have it for a little more than 2 months same condition as when I received it. This is the 3G version SOLD shipped paypal please add 3% or sent as gift. I got perfect feedback here. Will add pictures later.

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you've got PM.

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Updated Pictures

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Sale pending
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How many gens are there of the arrow?

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Originally Posted by Reticuli2 View Post

How many gens are there of the arrow?

There are 4 iterations/"generations" of the Arrow but the differences between 1G thru 3G are nominal at best ... hardly any sonic difference other than a bit of very subtle improvements to the default high freqs in the 3G; the 4G however is different in that the "impedance" switch has now been replaced with a two setting treble boost switch. I had a sample/demo board of the in production 4G for a bit about a month ago and I found little use for the treble switch so I've stuck with 3G.


Also, the 1G thru 3G bass boost is slightly different than the 4G's although both types are very well realized: 1G thru 3G bass boost offers more punch and "snap" to the bass delivery ... whereas the 4G's bass boost isn't quite as punchy/snappy but is more subtle and perhaps a bit more towards the low end of the lows as opposed to the mid-bass (but I could be off with that as I'm not real sure of my terminology at this point). Again, both are good but I prefer the earlier bass boost with my particular IEM's ...


All iterations of the Arrow amp, though are phenomenal and equally pleasing sonically (as evidenced by the quick sale above) ... smile.gif




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