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Audio Technica ATH-M20

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I managed to pick up a pair from boomingaudio.com for $30 and for the price these babies are amazing. The cord and headphone jack are that of the high-end quality you get from DJ monitor headphones - they have the jack it in a metal shield which minimizes the shorts that happens to so many headphone jacks after its pulled back and forth. 

The sound quality is very good - rich highs, mids & lows and it really blocks external sound very well.
The shape of the headphones actually does NOT give sound loss. In my experience, traveling in a noisy subway, it was great.
You don't need to spend a million dollars on BOSE products when a product like this can do so well at like 2/3 of the cost of theirs.
Def. impressed and would purchase another product from this company

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In my opinion, the M20 sounds pretty balanced but the bass is a bit boomy. Well, that's I can remember from my 5 minutes of listening. 

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