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Taking apart the (Nagra) DT48S

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Looking for a helping hand in dismantling the Nagras.
I have taken a good look at the cups, drivers and I haven't got a slightest clue if such a maneuver is workable.
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if this helps: 



This is what APS had to say about the NAGRA DT48S


TwinTurboZip 5:44 pm
(5:44:52 PM):     the construction of these headphones is quite amazing really
(5:46:32 PM):     disassembly of the driver was quite unsual for sure
TwinTurboZip 6:32 pm

TwinTurboZip 4:58 pm
(4:58:25 PM):     that it was all milled and screwed together instead of plastic & clips

(5:00:16 PM):     the diaphragm and magnet system is seperate
TwinTurboZip 5:00 pm

Kivlehen2012 5:00 pm
(5:00:31 PM):     is that unique?
TwinTurboZip 5:00 pm
(5:00:36 PM):     yes
(5:00:47 PM):     normally the diaphragm is glued

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You unscrew the screw in the outside center of the cups and the outer layer falls off. Its easy to see where the seam is if you look at the red/blue DT48. If they were used in a studio prior to about 1985 prepare to find all manner of filth inside from back when "everyone" smoked indoors.


Ideally one would use the appropriate tamper resistant screw driver, some sort of "drilled spanner" or another




I wasnt sure what size fits (still am not) so I just hacked it and stuck the tips of my needlenose pliers in the holes. 


I did not take the headphones apart further than pulling the outer lid off, as that's all you need to do to recable them. I agree with Alex's assesment - they dont make em like they used to. 

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Seen that a long time ago, didn't change the fact that I still don't know how to take the drivers out or even if such an option does even exist.

These Nagras are from the late 60's , at that time no one thought about about hindering the opening process of the cups. No problem with the screw, even if there was... come on, it's not rocket science.
True, taking of the cover off is enough for recabling, but if someone has sanding (there are scratches on the cups that I want to eleminate) on his mind it's quite not enough. Even if it is, it's better to know if it doable or not. tongue.gif

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Thanks for these pictures- this pair is beautiful. I'll post up my own photos when I get the chance to recable them.

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