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It's not that fun and balanced are mutually exclusive... it just seems from reading this site that most highly respected balanced IEMs are not described as fun and vice versa. Although BAs seem more likely candidates than dynamics.

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"Fun" is usually a nice euphemism for "inaccurate" when the listener prefers sound of that particular inaccuracy. That's probably why people who appreciate balanced IEMs tend to stay away from the term.

Of course everyone's got their own opinion, and no doubt some people will use both words in the same sentence. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Waisetsubunsho View Post

What else I like... I think details and epically controlled bass. I hate when it overflows the music. Also dynamics. Yes, I like fast punch :D


Only customs I consider are SpiralEars 2-way pro, because its always problem to send the ear cast, and SpiralEars is polish brand (thats where I live). Also I think they are pretty good, because of 2 drivers, silicon housing, good reviews and so on. And it's only 380$. But if something goes wrong, I can't resell them :( Also I'm very much into detachable cables. I will have to be really careful, because usually I break 2 cables every year.


I'm sorry about this little offtopic :(

Hmm not sure I can help you here.


What have you used in the past? Have you seen the Sony MDR-EX600? It has detachable cables and I promise you it sounds much better than it costs, it has detail and epically controlled bass so you might like it.


Do you play drums or just listen to them?


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I play drums. Also EX600 here are omg lol 300$ =o I think thats not normal, right?


If it helps, I care a lot about comfort, isolation, accessories and most of all durability.


If we take those four + good sound + details + control + bright + detachable cables + good warranty + my price range + looks; which earphones we will get?


Are you sure this is not SE535? :PP

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Ok bro, just link me to a good live drum track and I'll listen to it with the J-phonic and tell you which one to get.


As a bonus it will be the first song/track I'll hear on the J-phonic, have them on my desk now and haven't listened to them yet.


Edit: Where are you? It doesn't really matter where in the world you are unless you're in Sierra Leone or North-Korea or something..... you can order the EX600's from amazon.com for less than $150 and use www.viaddress.com as the forwarding service to whereever you're located.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4oqsB-Tva0 here you go, with some epic drum track. However I think the sound quality of this one can be not sufficient :P


I'm in Poland.. here everything is in different price. Like if it's famous brand = price x 2. If it's known to be elite = price x 3 and so on.

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That guy is an awesome technician, I'll have to look into more of his stuff and see whether his heart matches his hands. Thanks for the link.

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Jojo is known as the god of drums. And thats not my opinion only. Johnny Rabb told me this face to face :)

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Ok thanks, that was really cool, I just listened to it out of my laptop speakers..... I can't use the J-phonic right now sorry because the Etymotic Ear-Rape-4PeneTration blocked my right ear, trying to fix it.

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I just listened to the J-phonic.


Sorry to say this but guitars and vocals sound more forward than drums, but drums are still very good.


I mean, if there is going to be guitars and vocals involved they will overshadow the drums a bit, so these are not a "drum monitoring" IEM, imho, unless the microphone is next to the drums and that doesn't matter? I'm not sure.


They are however, much clearer in the highs than the Shure SE535, actually they are very bright, with comply tips! which is strange.


These are VERY fast IEM's, and they have a monitoring sound, they don't have a "soul" like the RE0 or EX600, but they have more of a soul and a more accurate monitoring sound than the Ety ER-4PT.


I still have a lot of listening to do, especially under better conditions, so my advice above should be taken with some salt.


Oh btw, these have a similiar signature to the standard issue Apple earbuds, if you've ever heard them, these are similiar to them, just a level or two higher.


Hope this helps, but I can't decide your IEM for you, I think maybe you should get the SE425, it's cheaper than the SE535, has a more solid build quality (feels very nice), and is probably a better drum monitor IEM.


Even for listening to music, I liked the SE425 better, it's more fun, however if you want brightness and an accurate monitoring sound, the J-phonic is for you I think.




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Hmm, considering some myself. Note: I have GR07, but would like something more extended, especially upwards,

with a bit less 6k/13k resonances and a touch "colder".


Sonys are real overpriced here and I'm not the fan of EX700 higher mid hump. However, if EX1000 is more balanced, then it's probably fine.


HeadDirect RE 272 perhaps? If it's more extended in low end than RE0 while still having a similar sound signature, it will fit the bill perfectly.


I've tried on Westone 4 some time ago and found them to be very accurate, but missing on lowest end extension.

From what I read, j-phonics will be too loaded on mids to be truly accurate.


(Similar ear size to the original poster - my preferred tip size is small Hybrids or similarly sized olive tips. Small Comply T130/T140 are nice too, as are Comply P (not slim, these don't seal) or Comply T100 Medium. Comply T200 have too wide tube to comfortably fit.)


[Unrelated note: Seal trumps smoothness. With a good seal, subbass can be equalized and won't sound like a fart cannon. So in the end, despite accentuating 10kHz cut of GR07, Hybrids win as the tips over Comply T130; However, stock GR07tapered tips win over Hybrids in comfort while providing very similar sound quality and a tiny bit better subbass still.]

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