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For Sale: Hifiman 801 + ST V2 AMP + 32gb SDcard

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For Sale:
Hifiman 801 + ST V2 AMP + 32gb SDcard

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Well this sucks.. and hurts... buit I've decided to sell my mighty Hifiman 801 with its two amps.  The reason is that I need a dedicated DAC unit to improve our home listening (currently just using a $30 sound card in my HTPC as my DAC, and the wife has started complaining about its lack of fidelity <3) and simply cannot do it with just a portable device.


The player itself is in great shape, as you can see has the latest firmware.  The only 'defect' is the small scratch on the top edge of the player, you can see it in the fourth pic.  Other then that, no issues, plays everything fine.  I'll also include the 32gb Kingston Class 4 SDCARD ($50 value) so you can have trouble free operation with the device (apparently it doesn't like Class 10 SD cards and only some Class 6 cards). This Class 4 is foolproof.


So here is the final rundown of what you get:


Hifiman 801 with Standard V2 modular amplifier (and charger, screwdriver, cloth and Hifiman box) -

Kingston Class4 32gb SD Card -


Total value = 790 + 53 = $843 + tax + shipping new


Scoop it all now for $580 and want for nothing in the portable realm ever again


Oh forgot to mention.. this has the 1704UK DAC chips which are the highest quality and no longer available :)


The price includes shipping with insurance in Canada.  I'm willing to ship elsewhere but you'll have to add the difference.  If you wish to use Paypal, please use Paypal GIFT.

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I am interested in HM-801 body, if you are interested in amp modules, I guess we can buy it together.

Please shoot me an message

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Price drop to $700!

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GAME amp module has been sold.


The new package is now HM801 + Standard amp V2 (upgraded) + 32gb Class4 SD Card (guaranteed to work).  However if you'd rather use your own SD, I can reduce the price by another $50.


All for $580 CAD Shipped in Canada.

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Item is now sold.

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