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Thank you! I will try to write something interesting later.

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I found this interesting player comparison between a few popular DAP's, CK4 is one of them. The main focus is C3 however there's some very interesting information in this link about all the other players. Going off this and Berkovajazz impression I'm going to try the CK4.

I'll keep everyone up to date on how I go!

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Ok! Like i said early i'll try to make little review.
My Colorfly CK4+ A,B,C review

I want to make it as some notes:
1) It comes in a paper box. Inside we've got player, very good cable (USB->miniUSB), cheap Audio-Technica earbuds, screen protector. Simple and pretty. 
2) Colorfly CK4+ is the last version of Colorfly CK4. You can find lot of first reviews in Google and some comparisons with New version. Little difference in design, another place for buttons, etc.
Also if you find some bad words about quality, i say that i've got none. That's cool. I don't find my player to be cheap chineese device, CK4+ is very well made and has too little problems that i just don't want to talk about them. 9/10.
3) Built quality is exellent! Front plate and sides are made from metal (one part), back side is from very good quality plastic (second part). Very good buttons, simple screen. 10/10
4) Screen is very simple, i don't find him to be the best choice for videos or reader. 
5) Size is similar to iPhone 4G, weight is good. CK4+ easy can find his place in a lot of pockets of your wear.
6) Interface is pretty simple and easy for all. 
7) Let's go to B :)
Sound Quality
1) Presentation is very beautiful. It has a lot of power but sound is not too loud. It is on par with iPod Touch 4G, but with much more power.
2) Sound is balanced, on a thick note. Little warm and melodical.
3) Bass has very good impact, punch, speed. It is deep and powerful.
4) Mids are beautiful. Lot of details.
5) Treble is very good also.
6) Very nice vocals.
7) Soundstage is large. It is wide but not too deep. Very good layering and instrument separation. Very good stereo.
8) Great attention to detail on tracks. It is easy to listen even to a just one musician in a very hard track.
9) Very good speed.

10) Multumusic player. Every genre.
Little comparison. Completion.
1) Built quality is on par with name brand players, Cowons, Sonys, Apples, etc. Price too.
2) Screen is not beautiful, EQ is bad (presets, parametric), easy navigation, simple interface, 10-12 hours of working.
3) Colorfly CK4+ is not too loud like Teclast T51, HiFIman 601, HSA Studio, but also is very powerful.
4) Loudness is on a one level with stock players, but with much more power, more airness, much better detail level, etc.
5) Mids are little better on Teclast T51, sometimes melodical side too.
6) Soundstage is wide and deep, but HFM601 sounds much deeper and warmer.
7) Multi music player, he loves even the hardest hard core music, while iPod and HiFiman can't do that on a such high level. 
8) Just love.

Hope it is interesting and helpful information. Also this is one of my first reviews on English and on Head Fi.
Sorry for my English.
Thanks for reading!regular_smile%20.gif

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Phones when reviewing:
Sennheiser IE8 (stock and silver cable), Sunrise Xcape IE (crazy love for 100$), Rockit R50 (they are not simple phones with a good price), Phonak pfe112 mainly with black filters (just bought them for testing, very good iems), Hisound pdaa-1.

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Excellent Berkovajazz!

I have one question....

You say the player doesn't go very loud, (but lots of power) but you say about as loud at full volume as ipod yes?

If so that's perfectly fine, most of my listening is done laying down at night I don't need 'loud' volume levels.

Thank you very much for taking the time to write that. beerchug.gif
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Thank you, H2OFidelity! :)
Yes, you are right!

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where to buy ck4+ ..?.

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Originally Posted by hellfire8888 View Post

where to buy ck4+ ..?.




Edit: you mean the CK4+

In the top listing it does say CK4+ in the listing but not the title.

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i still cant find what is the different between ck4 and ck4+ and at the price range in Malaysia it is about the same as hifiman 601...should i get hifiman instead?

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Originally Posted by hellfire8888 View Post

i still cant find what is the different between ck4 and ck4+ and at the price range in Malaysia it is about the same as hifiman 601...should i get hifiman instead?

I really don't know dude, I think the button layout is different? I'm pretty much know the same as you. Flying on a wing and a prayer. if you want to wait until I get my CK4 (which will be at least a week or two) I can tell you what I think compared to C3. As for the Hifiman I do not know. redface.gif

There's simply not enough information on the net about CK4. I'm just taking one for the team. gs1000.gif
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Thanks Berkovajazz. I have CK4 coming soon, I'll be sure to let you know how it sounds. smile.gif
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It will be interesting )

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My CK4 arrived today.

I purchased through ebay seller bigbargainonline after they accepted my offer of $165, they changed the language to English for me, fully tested the unit which arrived with a selection of their files and fully charged the battery. Apart from everything they needed to do then using tape to close the seal, you would never know it had been opened. Very happy with their service. 10 days from Hong Kong to Australia.

These are very early impressions so far, I will need much time to learn the signature, I've only spent an hour with the player at most.

Just quickly what I know so far.

The Good
Plenty of power (internal amp surely shows)
Rich potent mid range (excellent vocals)
Great detailing levels
Layering very good
Imaging precise
No hiss with 32ohm T-Peos H-100 Hybrid
No popping noise between tracks (C3 has this problem)
Good soundtage width

The Bad
FLAC files album art isn't showing (works with 320kbps)
Slight sonic boom through my IEM when powering up the player. (not when powering down)
Bass roll off present, possibly slightly worse than Cowon S9 (hurting only low sub-bass regions)
My down volume button was a touch stiff, possibly needs to loosen up, seems better already.
Headphone Jack and line out are not labled I needed to check the manual to see which was which.

From Left to right Cowon S9 / Colorfly CK4 / Colorfly C3

I've been using 16/44 FLAC files and 320kbps only at this stage, other WAV and 24bit yet to be tested. There's a lot of power coming through my H-100 due to internal amp, I can clearly hear it supporting the IEM, there's a definite increase in dynamics and overall the signature seems to take a different flavour to Colorfly C3. Detail levels are a sure step ahead, layering and soundstage shows air and decent width. Overall the sound sig is natural, very rich in clarity, clearly a step above my S9 even when BBE+ is engaged. Makes the S9 sound pretty average / artificial actually straight out the box. Very potent in vocal regions but I'll go more into the flavour compared to C3 at a later date. So far it's a step above every other source I own, but with different taste. More in a few days. I'm pretty impressed so far, bass roll off mentioned isn't really hurting the presentation it's just showing a slight absence of low sub-bass regions.

To sum up the often overlooked size of CK4. It's really no bigger footprint wise than an ipod touch, but is slightly thicker. the build feels nice yet I had that volume down button stiffness for the first 20 minutes, seems to be correcting itself. I honestly don't understand how people have trouble with the UI on this, it runs around perfectly fine, there's no lag, and for browsing music folders it took me all of 2 minutes to work out what does what, I mean it's pretty simple, I just don't understand how people find it annoying with so little to go wrong.

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Wonder why it's so unpopular? Looks like its not too bad for the money.
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