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Is there a clear difference in SQ between the V-DAC II and the M1?

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I've had the vdac II for a little while and I must say I'm impressed. I wanted to try it since another headfier here made a bold claim about it sounding better than the marantz sa8004. So I was really curious about how it sounded. Well it doesn't sound better than the marantz to my ears. Not even as good. The marantz just does everything better and is in another league. But for 350.00, it gets you close to the performance of a 500-600.00 dac. It's really close the the meier stage dac, but gets edged out by it and that's really high praise for a dac in this price range. I will say if you don't want to spend megabucks on a dac, then put this on your short list. It sounds excellent for the price imo, and the usb input does sound a little better than optical/coaxial from the motherboard. So no need for a usb/spdif converter with this one.

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When you compared the two, using the same input from the same source?

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I compared the two first playing using the marantz as a transport and optical out into the vdac, then optical from a pc, and finally using a sony cd player as a transport using optical out to both. I really don't understand how you can say that the vdac sounds better than the marantz. But even playing a cd from the marantz using the analog outs sounded better than using the marantz as a transport into the vdac. The marantz is more analog sounding, has a much deeper sound stage, and has better imaging.


But still the vdac II sounds really good for the price and comparing it the the meier stage dac was a closer fight with the meier stage dac edging it out with it's deeper sound stage. At 350.00 the vdac II is a winner, but it's no giant killer. But it can slay bigger foes, but definitely not giants. But I'll say it again, if one doesn't want to spent four figures on a dac, then the vdac II is a very good option. But if you spend sa8004 type money, then you will have something of higher quality when it comes to sound. I like the vdac II so much, I'm wondering how good the M1 A is, and may return it for one of those since I really would like something with balanced outs for my stax rig. It may be closer to actually besting the marantz.

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The M1 DAC is a lot better than the v-DAC II. Much more open and tighter bass. 

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I'm very tempted to pull the trigger on that one. Just so many options around that price range right now. But I will say listening to the vdac II have made me a fan of musical fidelity dacs. I really like that it doesn't add anything to the sound and tries to stay out of the way. But there are a few things keeping it from performing with the higher end dacs. But the M1 A may have the few things the vdac II is lacking.

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If the M1 is a lot better than the V-DAC II then it really is something special.


I am really impressed with the V_DAC II and Russ Andrews Powerpak II psu. Having had it playing now for a few weeks, there is more weight to the low frequencies and the involvement factor has increased. In my book it is an outright bargain.


My db Audiolabs Tranquility DAC is on it's way back to me after being repaired, they also fitted the improved 2012 output section for free. Looking forward to comparing the two DACS. Audio memory is a funny thing with me but from what I can remember the Tranquility has the edge in the high frequencies, being more refined.

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The M1 DAC is a lot better than the v-DAC II. Much more open and tighter bass. 


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I am interested in buying the V DAC II + V CAN II, anyone know why there is so little talked about these amps/dacs? I am considering this or Shiit Bifrost + Shiit amp, and there just isn't nearly as much information on the Musical Fidelity equipment. 

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Maybe because the V-Dac's look a bit toyish/not high end like?

I was considering also the Bifrost,but I think I go for the V-Dac II.

Get me a Rechargable 12 V Lion Battery to feed it,and save me some money to get a decent coaxial cable.

Think that combo is hard to beat for the price!

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Pulled the trigger on the V-DAC 2.

I can't compare to other DAC's but from out of the box it sounds allready pretty damn good.

I connected it with a 5 buck optical cable which I ripped of my DVD player,because my silver S/PDIF is still on the way.

Also still have the walmart connected,and soon will change it for a 12 V LI-po battery:





First feelings are very good,now it's burning in time:-)



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Whats wrong with the regular battery pack with the v-dac II?

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It's not a batterypack,but a 12 V wallwart.

Not the most high end powersupply.Musical Fidelity supplies PSU,but I think a battery is more "clean".

And cheaper than most PSU.


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I have the MF VdacII, used with the pyramid regulated power supply, fed from APC Power conditioner It's crystal clear. The factory wall wart is junk.

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Do you have the link, I might check into this.

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Does it matter if you upgrade your usb cord too? or just use a  regular usb. I am using a usb cord from the fiio E9 I bought last summer.

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