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Originally Posted by Elysian View Post

It looks like there's a V-Link 192 coming out in Dec 2011 at $399.


149€ here: http://www.supersonido.es/cas/site/productos-ficha.asp?id=10112


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Wonder if there was a lot of hassle for MF to get the product approved for the US.  That's almost half the MSRP of the US offering.

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Seems like the 192 version was made to compete directly with the Stello U3 and the Audiophilleo2. 

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What changes, if any, have been made to the V-Link II?

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Current owner of a V-Link II, not much except for the exterior casing

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Originally Posted by timz View Post

Current owner of a V-Link II, not much except for the exterior casing

can you make inside shots please?

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I would greatly appreciate pics as well if possible. Audio Advisor stated that the mkII features a "tweaked" power supply, which could mean just about anything. 

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bump for more feedback...

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sorry guys been bit busy with exams


i tried opening it today but it appears my set of screwdrivers will possibly cause slip screws

time permitting, ill try popping by my mates house to borrow his set of screwdrivers

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I've had mine for about 4 weeks (new V-DAC II, that is). I purchased from the UK, along with the new versions of V-PSU II and V-LPS II (haven't received those yet, though). Here are impressions:

  1. Plugged into the same Tripp-Lite PR-3 I was using as my regulated power supply for the first V-DAC. (plug and 12-volt DC is exactly the same)
  2. ALAC files (standard CD-rip 16bit/44k) sound about the same as V-DAC + V-Link combo that I was using. I notice only a slightly tighter, more controlled bass (just seems a bit less muddy/loose--though it WAS NOT a problem before) and slightly better ambience or air in the upper  ranges like cymbals etc. It's very subtle, but it does seem less fatiguing over the course of a long listening session.
  3. the BIG difference--24/96 files sound AMAZING. When I got the V-Link this summer, I purchased some 24/96 albums from HDTracks.com (Nevermind, Saxophone Colossus, Mysterious Shorter). The first two sounded only marginally better than the CD versions I already had, the third was a new album I didn't already own. You could tell that they were better than the CD, but they still did not quite live up to my experience with the vinyl. With the V-DAC II, I was stunned at just how good 24/96 sounds. I would say this format is every bit as good as vinyl (and my setup is pretty good--a highly tweaked Rega Planar 3 with the V-LPS). I will be buying only 24/96 from now on if not available as vinyl (I stopped buying CDs a couple years ago unless it was absolutely the only way to get something better than an mp3).


I will post another reply when the V-PSU II arrives from across the pond...

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good feedback, thank you!

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good review. Do somebody has experience with battery powered v dac? I looking for battery power with 230v.

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Any more word on how the V-Link II is over the Old V-link? 

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Had my VDAC II for a week or so and still evaluating.  It sounds pretty good to me, maybe a bit thin compared to the Electro ECD-1 I've been using for years.  At the price, it seems a real bargain to me.  I'm just using it on an upstairs system mainly for improving HD radio for the classical station, but will eventually try some other things.  Very musical and detailed.

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Has anyone successfully ordered at this price?  Seems very low.  I wonder whether they are confusing the V-Link 192 with the V-Link II?

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