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If you're interested in the violin, try the Bruch, Sibelius, and Mendelssohn concertos. They are all great energetic show-pieces. 


@sordel: As a violist (err, former violist, I guess) I have to thank you for bringing some viola love to the conversation tongue.gif

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More eprops for the viola. Kim Kashkashian in particular is fantastic, almost everything she does she pulls off great. I'm a particular fan of the Elegies album, especially the Vaughan Williams and the Kodaly.



More excellent and relatively easy to get into chamber pieces:

Beethoven: Razumovsky quartets (Takacs Quartet, Alban Berg Quartet are both good)

Brahms: Piano Trios (Suk/Katchen/Starker or the Isaac Stern trio), Violin Sonatas (Suk/Katchen), basically almost all Brahms chamber music (there is an excellent box set by the Amadeus Quartet of Brahms chamber music)

Schubert: String quartets No. 13-15 (Alban Berg Quartet are heads and shoulders above the pack in these, imo)

Franck: Violin Sonata (many good ones, no particular favorite in my mind)

Rachmaninov: Cello Sonata (Isserlis/Hough is my favorite, but I haven't heard too many of these)


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Also if the op is after piano, violin pieces they've heard on tv then no doubt he will have heard this


Part's beautiful "Spiegel im Spiegel" played here in all versions for piano, violin and cello. Everyone should have this in their collection.  Unashamedly Beautiful!


part alina.jpg

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If you want to buy on-line (downloadable in FLAC), this from HD Tracks



Title:  TCHAIKOVSKY: Violin Concerto / Souvenir d'un lieu cher / Serenade melancolique / Valse - Scherzo 
Artist:  Julia Fischer | Yakov Kreizberg | Russian National Orchestra 
Genre:  Classical / Romantic 
Label:  PentaTone Classics 
Release Date:  2006




Link is here - https://www.hdtracks.com/index.php?file=catalogdetail&valbum_code=827949009563


Also available in audiophile 88/24 - but unless you have the gear to appreciate it (I don't), the straight 16/44 redbook version I linked to is fine.  It's a really wonderful violin concerto.

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Gotta love Tchaikovsky. I really like the intensity that most Russian composers put in their music.

Also, the op is on satellite Internet overseas... I don't think he wants to be downloading flac files tongue.gif
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Missed that part - thanks.


Album is worth getting though and should be available on Amazon.

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I agree with Erik about the NPR guide.  It came in handy for me a while back.


5 CDs that I think should be in your collection:



^I think this is the gold standard of the most well known piece of music ever written.  Very few would disagree.



^This is an extremely well recorded and well played Goldberg which is arguably the greatest set of variations..... Bach's greatest work for keyboard alongside the WTC



^The 2 Brahms Piano Concertos are probably in the 5 best ever written, especially the 2nd which is in my humble opinion the greatest piano work of all time.  Gilels is a great proponent of these works.



^A fantastic recording..... I use this as a reference.  Wonderfully played as well.



Mehta's Mahler 2 is the most exciting even to this day........ Mahler is me faves:)



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I love the 11 cd collection by Maxim Vengerov. He is a fantastic violinist and this collection includes many famous concertos for violin and orchestra as well as some sonatas and other virtuosic type pieces.... and it looks like its going for just $27 on Alibris!



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Check out Medtner and Albinoni!

And Augustin Barrios!

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Originally Posted by miscreant View Post

Check out Medtner and Albinoni!

And Augustin Barrios!

Medtner.... you never hear this name ever! Good one


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Originally Posted by DavidMahler View Post

Someone remembered that I had written up some threads a few years back about Classical Collection building.  Really flattered:)


I'll post them here.  Check em out if you like:












Really enjoyed going through these, especially the Schumann, some great recommendations.   


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This CD has some of the most beautiful violin showpieces ever and I always enjoy the quality of Naxos recordings. Really recommended:



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Originally Posted by LugBug1 View Post

Really enjoyed going through these, especially the Schumann, some great recommendations.   




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