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Doubt in simple upgrade

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Hi guys, im new in the forum and wanna a suggestions


im using a CKM55 for 1 year and now i want to make an fist upgrade in my in-ear phone.


I was seein some models to buy at same price ( something about 100U$ ) and i got those names :


SONY EX510 , Shure SE215 , Westone UM1 and Westone 1 True-fit


In your oppinion, what should i do?


I hear at most part of time rock ( as Iron maiden, Metallica, Dream Theater ) , some Jazz stuffs and Japanese musics.


I wait ,

thx for you help.

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I don't have any experience with those IEM's, but it appears (from your taste in music) that you prefer a good solid bass.


The only thing I can offer here for that price tag are the RE0's (though they don't fit with your desired genres).

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The Sony EX510 are highely recommended, they offer crisp, clear sound quality with deep, rich bass and wide soundstage.

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I was thinking more in Sony EX510 than others. Both Westone i put in doubt just for precaution.

My is big problem is/was Sony EX510 against Shure SE215, but i think i wont get someone who have or heared both models for comparison =(

And im little afraid about Ex510 becouse its J cable.


ps: And from RE0, I see that is not a good upgrade especially for musical genres, as you said, and would be hard to find a website to send to my country.

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The EX510 are easy to wear (around the neck) since they are not made to wear over the ear. So cable wont' be problem to wear like regular ear buds. The main difference in sound quality, they are detailed yet fun to listen with rich bass extention and match well for above genres music.

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Im afraid because ( obviously im not talking about sound quality, hahaha ) , i already use some J cables from cellphones and they are suck in my neck. But im really thinking about EX510 becouse as i saw in pictures, coments , it have a good cable , well constructed ... just taking a time and thinking about.
To buy the new phone i'll sell my CKM55, and wait 1month to delivery my new phone in my country, so im just get precaution to dont make a wrong choice =)

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