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No idea how I haven't listend to Red House Painters before, but "Rollercoast" is absolutely destroying me right now:




"Katy Song" might be the most devastating song I've ever heard.  

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Originally Posted by thomasec View Post

No idea how I haven't listend to Red House Painters before, but "Rollercoast" is absolutely destroying me right now:




"Katy Song" might be the most devastating song I've ever heard.  

You think that's devastating, try "Medicine Bottle" from Down Colorful Hill!


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Leaving Eden

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Really groovy jazz release from a young trio.  Album is free on their website.  Check it out!




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^ Yes, very good. Not only free but FLAC as well
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"Thoughts of The Philosopher" - Sean Ross


I like this because the sampling he has put together is really well done. I can tell some of the drum sounds are from soundpacks, but if it fits for the song it fits. Love finding gems on sites like these.

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Tame Impala - InnerSpeaker


Psychedelic fuzz guitars with layers of synth, effects and mad driving drums.  Pure heaven.



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Damn, completely forgot about this. College has been hard.


Any who, here is what has taken a lot of spin this month.





How to destroy angels - An omen EP


Short and sweet EP. A bit Very reminiscent to With Teeth.


Definitely check out its single Keep it together.

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Sun City Girls: 330,003 Crossdressers from Beyond the Rig Veda (1996)


An old favorite of mine, and one that's been getting a lot of attention from me recently. Avant-garde folk/experimental rock with a distinct Southeast Asian flavor, 2 discs. The first disc is the more 'rockish' of the two, but can also be pretty difficult to get into until you get used to the vocals. It's a very noisy affair, very abrasive and pretty sloppy sounding, but if you just sort of let yourself go it can reveal some really stunningly beautiful moments, especially as it winds towards the conclusion. Some of the tracks are even downright poppy. The second disc is where the real magic is, for me. The band piles on the drone and improv here, and make wonderful use of the violin throughout. The centerpiece is the 34 minute track 'Ghost Ghat Trespass/Sussmeier,' which layers Indian-infused drone, violin virtuosity, and guitar distortion beautifully for a solid 15 minutes before just exploding into demented, fuzzy chaos that devolves into a plinky mess before building up again. There's not a lot of music out there that sounds like this: the noisier experiments of Nico and Tim Buckley in their prime are probably the closest approximations to what unfolds here. 

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Scott Walker: Scott 4 (1969)


This is my album of the month for December because a new Scott Walker album (Bisch Bosh) just dropped a few days ago, and the best way to celebrate the release of a new Scott Walker album is to listen to some old Scott Walker albums (well, and listen to the new one too, of course), of which this is probably my favorite. :-) Baroque pop just doesn't get much better than this, and Walker's baritone voice is rightfully legendary. If you love 60's pop and have never listened to this, you are doing yourself a grave disservice! Get on it!

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Morte Macabre: Symphonic Holocaust (1998)


This just might be my favorite prog rock album of the last 20 years. (Sorry guys, try as I might, I just cannot seem to get into Porcupine Tree or Tool.) Consists mostly of covers of Italian horror movie themes (surprisingly excluding Goblin's fantastic work... perhaps the originals just could not be topped?) with a strong post-rock/symphonic prog vibe. I've seen it described as Godspeed You! Black Emperor meets Shub-Niggurath (the French zeuhl band--there are a handful of bands that use this name), which is about as accurate a description as you're going to get. Oh yeah, and there is loads of mellotron. My god, dat mellotron. 


Edit: Wait, does Ween's The Mollusk count as legitimate prog? Because if so, that would probably be my favorite of the last 20 years, with this probably in second.

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I came across this one on The Needle Drop (great place to discover new music).





Alt-J (∆) - An Awesome Wave


Great debut album. While very poppy these guys manage to keep things interesting and experimental with the use of high pitched and very quirky vocals. Each track takes very determined directions but evolve into tunes you would not quite expect making for a surprising ride. The track that first grabbed me was Tessellate, it has a certain smoothness and cadence to it that combines amazingly well with those contemplative lyrics. Here is a video for you to try and find out if you like the sound.

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Seconding the Needle Drop recommendation. He's my favorite internet music reviewer.

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Good music, intresting lyrics - simply good music

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