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Originally Posted by jtaylor991 View Post

Destroy and Rebuild by thePhantom*, local KC hip hop *artist*




Great album of neo-conscious hip hop full of emotion and meaningful lyrics, and very good singing and production/instrumentals.


The tracks of Rain, The Omega, Step Child, and Soar are probably the best (in order) if you want to listen to a little to see if you want to preview the whole thing. Even if you don't like hip hop generally, I still must say PREVIEW IT. You will at LEAST be able to say "Eh, it's okey." even if you absolutely HATE hip hop.




The rest of his music can be found at music.phantastic.me

Newest album is The Fountain of Youth, released July 2011.


He also has some remixes on SoundCloud (soundcloud.com/thephantom816) and he did a thing called "Phantom Phridays" where he released a new single every Friday until his latest album, The Fountain of Youth, released, since he pushed the date to a few months later than the original date.


Also, everything on music.phantastic.me is available in FLAC, ALAC, MP3 320, and a bunch of other formats. Click on MP3 320 when it's preparing your download for a drop down list.




Thanks for posting this I live in the KC area and was able to get this album for free at the site you linked in FLAC. So far enjoying it have you listened to The Fountain of Youth?


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I have been listening to these 2 albums most of the last month. They go together although they are 2 instead of one.Thrice+Alchemy+1.jpg



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Vicious Delicious - Infected Mushroom.

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The Wall by Pink Floyd


This was the album that introduced me to both high-end audio (my uncle's stereo system in his truck), as well as classic (aka REAL) rock. I think it was probably the first concept album I ever listened to, as well. The concept is basically: guy's dad dies in a war when he is a baby, his mother is overprotective, his teachers are sadistic and tyrannical, his wife is cheating on him, he becomes a rock star but slowly goes insane from a combination of all this and builds a metaphorical wall, isolating himself from society, he ends up with all these twisted, bigoted views and basically becomes a neo-nazi, but then has a final mental breakdown, reflects on his past, and ultimately tears down the wall. The album has some amazing arrangements (especially compared to other rock albums of the time period), and is really pretty thought-provoking, which is something I really appreciate in an album. I also recommend watching the movie (of the same name); but like a good book, you will probably want to listen to the album before seeing the movie (even though it was directed by Roger Waters, the song writer/bassist, so it does remain true to the album). But now I'm just rambling; so in summary, this is an amazing album; definitely worth looking into if you haven't heard it before.

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Fun - Some Nights

available for streaming at their website ( www.ournameisfun.com )

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^ Just discovered fun a few weeks ago, really good sound going on.


Just watched K.Flay for the first time on LiveStream and was really impressed.  I know already that She's going to stay on my playlist after the honeymoon period is over, so my album of the month has to be "I stopped caring in 96"


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Amy Winehouse - Frank


Such a sweet a graceful voice she has, Sad that she has passed but I always find myself listening to the album and especially the tracks "You Sent me Flying" and "Take The Box" Great album.

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Great start on this thread, starting with Tool, 10 000 days.

It is hard to find anything to match that, but there are a few metal albums in the same class.

Third Moon, Sworn Enemy Heaven is one of the select few that qualify IMO. And since the group is relatively unknown, I add them as a very strong recommendation - actually for anyone and not just the metal afficiando.


Third Moon calls from Austria, and they're extremely talented musicians. They have made 5 albums, and the material lack somewhat on several on those. They compensate with absolute impeccable execution.

Sworn enemy heaven is a theme album, and a very dark one as that. If you know metal, think Queensrÿche: Operation Mindcrime on stereoids.


Still here?

All good I tell some more then. :)


The band Third Moon were founded in 1994, and it took until 1997 before they released 'Grotesque Autumnal Weepings' but it took until the album Bloodforsaken before they had matured to their full potential. Without any break trough for Third Moon several members played in other bands.


Third Moon sometimes is labeled death metal, sometimes black, but the fact is that they transgress the genres and often include one or two tracks that clearly are doom metal as well. It is obvious they have a thorough knowledge of music history, one can hear one almost unshameful reference to Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) in one track, and more subtle references to other classical music geniuses in others.


One other example of their musical prowness this is that they even included a scherzo, and that is a sign that this is intelligent metal. Though perhaps not metal for intellectuals. Many tracks have intermissions with classic Spanish guitar that are excellently played.

That is also true when they swap for electrical guitars, even though I have owned this album for years.

It still happens that when listening with headphones I skip back and still wonder how the heck they manage to do the riffs. Like on Persecution, Sebastian Dominik must have double jointed fingers to do that stuff.

Now that I mentioned headphones, there's a few more things on this album that might have you jump out of your socks. There's one flanged sound with doppler effect that is just amazing, I leave it to you to find out where it is. Also one metal guitar effect that's heard twice that I suspect is sampled, or else they might have spent days of studio work to create it.

But unusually they do  use synth on a few tracks of this album so there might have been a sampler around to make their own with, altogether is a very well made production so it is possible they did it from scratch.

But it is only those tree total, but that's why they are so surprising, they do not overdo things with too many effects. Something I consider very smart.

Such would be a mistake, and something that is all too common among some of the nu-metal bands.


So to conclude, I have to quote myself with a phrase I came up with on another forum.


This is metal that gives me visions of madly spinning attractions in a theme park from hell.



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Great albums, I am thoroughly enjoying many of them. It’s been a while since I last posted mines, so I’ll try to make up for it.


December (2011):


Battles – Gloss Drop

Amazing by ten to the nth number. Favorite tracks are Africastle, Ice Cream, Futura, Inchworm, Wall Street, My Machine, Dominican Fade, Sweetie & Shag, Toddler (I wonder is they used Bebot in here), Rolls Bayce, White Electric and Sundome.





Paco de Lucía – Concierto de Aranjuez

What can I say, it's old Paco at his best. I play this album rarely, but when I do I always end up in tears with Adagio. According to Joaquín Rodrigo himself this is the most representative rendition of his work.





The Books – The Way Out


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Meaghan Smith:  The Cricket's Orchestra


A brilliant synthesis and mash up of vintage Jazz, Country and Pop with a bit of modern sounds thrown in to incredible effect.

Meaghan has an amazing voice, varying between the most vulnerable to flat out soaring above the music.

The songwriting is impeccable and varied, there isn't a bad track on the album.

A great place to start might be the T Bone Burnett produced  "Poor", a perfect song for these hard economic times.

Another great track I would like to highlight is "You Got Out", a fun tune with a healthy measure of vintage Jazz and a touch of Country Swing.


The recording finds the perfect balance between a warm, lush sound while still being clear and articulate.

You will have NO problem hearing every single instrument and vocal overdub in this beautifully recorded collection of tunes.


First time I listened to this album I listened to it three times in a row, I couldn't get enough of it!



Full dynamics are on tap here. No overcompressed, distorted mastering!

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My February Album:




The Dear Hunter: The Color Spectrum Complete Collection.


What an ambitious album. And I don't mean "ambitious" in that vague, subjective, debatable way critics like to throw around. This is ambition at it's most fundamental. Casey Crescenzo and The Dear Hunter have created something many bands wouldn't endeavor. The Color Spectrum isn't really an album, but a collection of 9 different EP's corresponding with different colors of the spectrum of light, plus black, with each section containing 4 tracks. And boy, is it lovely. The entire album is musically monstrous, richly textured, beautifully layered and orchestrated meticulously. And I assure you there is something here for everyone. EVERYONE. If you absolutely hate one color, check out the next and you'll find something to love, guaranteed. It's just that diverse, just that open. Check it out kids!

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Cheryl Bentyne - Songs of Our Time, from Evosound, Japan



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Veil of Maya - Eclipse





Fantastic album.  Been listening to it a lot.  It's so short yet every time I listen I hear something new.  Whether it's a killer groove or a neat technical beat.  The nice flourishes of melody.  This album is supremely heavy yet incredibly catchy.  Lovin' it.

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Paul Weller - Heavy Soul.

This month and every month.


heavy soul

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