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MY - Fog of War



This is my cousin's album which came out back in September. He came to visit me right before Xmas and brought a physical copy of the album for me. We listened through it on my main system and it was a great and memorable moment, so thus I'm picking the album as my album of the month.


My cousin, who has been a very good friend since childhood, composed and performed the album entirely himself. It's a very personal-sounding record with progressive arrangements and an emotional thread running through it. Even with all my personal bias I genuinely like this record and highly recommend checking it out. My cousin really poured his heart and soul into it. It also sounds great on a good system, which those who love sound can appreciate.


The album can be found on Bandcamp, iTunes Store, Amazon MP3, SpotifyTidal, etc.



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Gone for more than a while. Here's an april pick.




Patrick Watson Adventures In Your Own Backyard


Came across it in a movie. Indie, reminiscent of fleet foxes/unknown mortal orchestra. Has some very catchy, and other cool instrumental songs to boot.

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Kamasi Washington - The Epic


Can't get enough of this. I am not a very big jazz fan too. It's pretty rare that I actually find something I enjoy in the genre. Sound quality is great, It's an absolute blast with the HD800. 

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Just discovered this band on a Fat Possum Sample record.  I can't stop jamming this band, they have one record and an 5 song EP (pictured).  Alt rock.  Kinda has a Cage the Elephant feel, with more John Frusciante-ish RHCP kinda guitars, and a touch of harmonica at times.  Dig 'em.

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OK Computer by Radiohead. Couldn't believe I didn't know about it since 1997 when a friend introduced it to me last year!



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Without a doubt, this. I can't stop playing it :-


Jocelyn & Chris Arndt - Edges (2016)  https://jocelynandchrismusic.bandcamp.com/album/edges



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