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Love this woman P J Harvey ~ Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea  . . .  . 


Be sure to check out "The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore", "Kamikaze" & "A Place Called Home" !!!

"Big Exit" - 3:51
"Good Fortune" - 3:20
"A Place Called Home" - 3:43
"One Line" - 3:14
"Beautiful Feeling" - 4:00
"The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore" - 4:01
"This Mess We're In" (featuring Thom Yorke) - 3:57
"You Said Something" - 3:19
"Kamikaze" - 2:24
"This Is Love" - 3:48
"Horses in My Dreams" - 5:38
"We Float" - 6:07
"This Wicked Tongue" - 3:42 (UK & Japan bonus track)


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a very good recording of a singer/songwriter with an amazing voice and outstanding backup.
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Symbion Project - Semiotic



Hmm, hoping to see a small thread revival with these new posts. Anyway, for me the standout album for July would have to be Symbion Project aka Kasson Crooker's 6th album Semiotic, which came out on July 14. I've been a longtime fan since the second album Immortal Game from 2003, which remains one of my personal favorites. This new record explores some new ground for Symbion Project with its darker and at times edgier but also more hard-driven sound than what has been heard on previous records, which have often been more in the realm of downtempo and music that's heavily textured.


The record's a winner, with nearly every track being a standout. Also, I'm not much of a basshead, but the bass on this album is sick.


Highly recommended.

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These folks are straight up magickal:


(Water EP)

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