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New review. New AOTM.



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October's album:




Self-titled release from Heather Maloney. If Bob Dylan came back as a woman, I'm pretty sure she would be close. Check it out!

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Kayo Dot: Coffins on Io

One of the premier prog-metal bands, known for their heady recombination of genres ranging from death metal to jazz, goes full Blade Runner. A grower, but a powerful one.

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Falcon (Ex-Circle) - Leviaton

Circle are the ultimate chameleon band, Finnish pranksters with impeccable musical chops.  They usually veer towards metal/motorik/rock - ism's, but this 2014 release finds them delving into a much more folk-y realm while still flexing their krautrock muscles ala' Can's Future Days-era.  This band continually challenges and satisfies in ways that few others do these days...the cyclical jam hypnotism of Lungfish with the adventurous metal crunch that 80's hair metal afficionados love...no, demand... It's some good stuff.  

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My current album of the Month is Taylor Swift's newest album 1989. This album is actually way good. I didnt think I would like it and only listened to it as a joke and then I fell in love with it.
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+1. Bout time she put out something that's tolerable for longer than 20 seconds!

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Dub Incorporation - Hors Control


I was looking back in my library to get some new music on my cell when i found this gem.  These guys have a very great reggea vibe with solid lyrics. It helps if you can understand french even thought the album is bilangual.

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