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The title track gives me goosebumps
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Monks of Mellonwah - Turn the People. The track "Ghost Stories" is just... :atsmile:
So good... 


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I'm well aware that this is a soundtrack, but I have listened to this album nonstop and I can say that it does indeed personify many aspects of this new Godzilla film. FYI, I am a huge fan of Godzilla. This new movie was in my opinion, perfect. The score that Desplat made for the movie was just as good and honestly I can't give it enough praise, that's how much I love it! It pays tribute to previous Godzilla composers such as Maestro Akira Ifukube and Masaru Sato. I highly encourage everyone to see this film and give this soundtrack a listen. Definitely one of my favorites for the year, let alone the month.


"Godzilla" title track (Click to show)
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My thoughts: Six songs, 43:35, nothing repetitive, as fluid and facile as anything and as deep and permissive and as good as Blonde On Blonde (almost, like negligibly close). If you like it I highly recommend checking out not only Scaruffi's 90's page but also http://www.scaruffi.com/music/critics.html, good places to dig around for rock, not perfect, but Fleba (a critic on there) has a good deal to say I think, and check out Allmusic for previews (but not ratings). The warmest and most hopeful album I've ever heard and not at all a novelty, so listen to it whenever. More than anything I've been struck by how the songs are extremely linear, which is a breath of fresh air, I don't think there's an album out there quite as different while still abiding (superficially) to phraseology and at times even structure. Tonality is key, here. G.O.A.T. list for sure.

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I bought this limited edition remastered 3 months ago and my album of the month for June. I'll post July's at the end of the month.
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Saor: Aura

Beautiful, soaring, post-rock-inspired black metal featuring British Isles folk instrumentation (the tin whistle will leave the strongest impression) and absolutely stellar production. Typically music like this comes off a bit cheesy, but the depth of the arrangements (and the never over-powering vocals and non-metal instrumentation) and sense of place this album imparts allow it to transcend the rather D&D vibe (not necessarily a bad thing) that other similar bands inspire. Top-tier pagan black metal for certain, nipping at the heels of Drudkh, Negura Bunget, Primordial, and Winterfylleth, though vastly more accessible (imo) to the non-metal listener than those bands. Check it out on Bandcamp.

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This one is nice.


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RAM / Paul McCartney. (remastered 24kt gold disc by Steve Hoffman). My favourite album.  Listening w/HD650 & Vintage Kenwood KA-8006 Int. Amp., 1974, 75WPC.   LOUD !!!!!!  


- Excerpt from article on RAM album ….  "Elton John later said that it was the best harmonies he'd heard on an album in a long while …."

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Originally Posted by metalsonata View Post

Swans: To Be Kind

This album is getting great review for sure. I have it on my wish list and it's a must buy. Thank for reminding me.
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Just wrote a review on this one: http://1week1album.blogspot.com/2014/07/week-27.html


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Jason Isbell "Southeastern"

Some of the best song writing I have heard in years.

If you like Americana, Country, Folk, etc....you should definitely check it out.  

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Great sounding trio of Piano, Bass and Drums.

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I have discovered several fantastic albums lately. Just no way that I could pick only one. Only about an hour ago I found and purchased Delta Time by Ry Cooder and Terry Evans. It's a good ol' footstompin blues album and wonderfully recorded. 

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Fell Voices: Regnum Saturni 

Have you ever found yourself entranced by the small whirlpools that appear over drains in sinks or bathtubs? Listening to this album is like becoming hypnotized by one of those tiny whirlpools, and it growing in your vision until you realize, too late, that it's not a whirlpool in your sink but Jupiter's great red hurricane, and you're falling into it. This is metal, but this is metal for meditation, not for moshing. I'd call it ritualistic, but I'm not sure what ritual could be married to it. Maybe being sacrificed to the black maw of Charybdis? And then waking up naked in a new body, on the shore of a warm sea, where you can see the entire past and future history of the universe in the night sky above you--everything dancing and dying in the most spectacular and sublime light show, until finally there is only darkness and the lapping of the waves, growing colder, and you. Listen to it loud, listen to it in the dark, and listen to it alone. (Being in an altered state of mind wouldn't hurt, either.) This will take you places.

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