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Love that.

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Hey Joe, I know I'm late but would like to share my love for this album and the band Marillion. My favorite band. Geat review too from your blog. I'm subscribing :)

Just saw this! Glad to hear it man! I've just updated it today.

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Not a great album art but the songs are really really good

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cymbals-album-cover-the-age-of-fracture.jpg  Cymbals - The Age of Fracture

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John Coltrane - Sun Ship


John Coltrane is my favorite musician of all time. I'm not even going to go into all the reasons why, but let it be said that his position on the top for me is uncontested and likely to never change. I have around thirty Coltrane albums and want many, many more before my collection is going to be satisfactory. Even thirty albums is not enough to contain all the vital recordings of this great man, and one of the big omissions from my library has for years now been Sun Ship. Recently that shortcoming was however finally rectified and I must say I have really been missing out.


For some reason I was always under the assumption this album was one of Coltrane's sessions with a larger ensemble, but it is in fact a studio date with his classic quartet featuring McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on double bass, and Elvin Jones on drums. Released posthumously, Sun Ship features five cuts of avant-garde jazz of the highest order in a similar vein to A Love Supreme recorded a year earlier and also reminding me a lot of one of my favorite Coltrane records of all time, the much-overlooked Crescent. Falling musically somewhere between the avant-garde jazz records Coltrane did around the mid-60s and the full-blown free jazz stuff that followed, Sun Ship features much more furious and "free" playing from the whole group than had been heard before on a classic quartet date: Coltrane's solos are more ferocious than on many prior records, McCoy Tyner is on fire as always, but especially Elvin Jones' drumming is particularly spectacular on this date.


Overall I find the album to be near perfect. There aren't really any real shortcomings that I can name and the musicianship is high throughout. This is truly an example of the classic John Coltrane Quartet at their peak. Shortly after this Coltrane would move on to mostly larger ensembles and take his music even further than it had ever been taken, stopping only when death took him prematurely in 1967 – less than two years after this album was recorded.

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