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Oh, almost forgot to share my february.



Puscifer - Condition of My Parole

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post


Running to check it out now.




Just listened to several songs. I like it!!



Glad you liked it. Their first album is really good too.

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^^ Already have the first one. :wink:

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If you like them, check out Boy & Bear. 

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If any of you liked Brushfire Fairytales, it has been remastered and can be downloaded in high resolution for $13.  It sounds very good.  However, the original was excellent, too.


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^^ That is tempting. I used to listen to Jack often. 

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The last time I listened to that CD was when I had all my gear in Chicago and I remember it being one of my favorite recordings.  This one sounds very, very good on my DT770 LE HPs with a Dragonfly.  I can only imagine how much better it would be with other equipment.  For $13, I recommend that you download it and reminisce.  Let me know what you think if you do.

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Miyuki - Fellow Citizen



Miyuki, aka Lera Bauer, has been one of my favorite artists ever since I first discovered her music about a year ago. Each new release from her is a new aural journey into a new fascinating world that has been encapsulated in the record. Just purely from a sonic perspective, putting the musical content aside, her production is very enchanting and detailed. Musically each of her EPs and albums is very different from the previous ones, constantly exploring new ground. I don't understand why it is so rare to see this from other artists, at least in the West. Rhythmically, tonally, atmospherically, Miyuki's songs are really captivating, taking you on a journey when you merely close your eyes. This particular album is her most recent and it is hands down my favourite album of hers thus far. Its darker retro-futuristic sound really appeals to me even though I love all of her work. I could praise her music all day, but I will spare you and let you listen to for yourself. All of this fine lass's music on Bandcamp is pay-what-you-want, so free if you so desire – in lossless. She recently wrote me an email wanting to thank me for being a loyal fan of her music. She was very excited about that. I encourage you to show her your support if you find yourself enjoying her work; I'm sure it would mean a lot to her. Just send her a quick message or donate some money for one of her releases. It'll surely make her day.

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Some of the coolest contemporary avant garde jazz I've ever heard. Oh and this one along with their most recent is free in lossless!
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Originally Posted by JoeDoe View Post

Brave by Marillion. What a masterpiece.


Here's the review I posted on my blog:





Hey Joe, I know I'm late but would like to share my love for this album and the band Marillion. My favorite band. Geat review too from your blog. I'm subscribing :)

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For me this month my choice go for Kongos - Lunatic




Here are some of the videos:



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Sail Out EP - Jhené Aiko

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I've got so much love for this unique little gem that I'm not even sure that I should try to say anything about it, because it'd probably just read as a slurred mess of hyperbolic superlatives. But I will say that this album is beautiful, and that you may have to listen to it several times to grasp its beauty. Weird Japanese pop at its utmost, unfathomable best.

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Can stop listening to the Kongos. They've been on my Spotify all afternoon! Now I have my Son in law hooked also! Thanks for the heads up..

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Just finished a review on this one.



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