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The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

This glam rock album is one of the most enjoyable soundtracks I've ever listened to. As enjoyable as it was subversive for its time and the tunes are irresistibly catchy. The opener "Science Fiction / Double Feature" is one of my favorite songs and it's non-stop quality all the way to the end. Anyone can do kitsch but, doing it as well as this is not easy.

Wild, fun, extravagant, bizarre and perfect for its time. One of the best... screw that... the best rock musical of all-time.

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Originally Posted by tru blu View Post

These were my September songs…they rock like hell and are plenty smart to boot…




Wild Flag - Wild Flag


Really enjoy that album as well but my pick for September goes to:




Little Dragon - Rituan Union


Solid album, very catchy, pop-y. My first experience with Little Dragon. Decided to try it since I enjoyed the guest spot on Plastic Beach as much as I did.

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Heard the song Waiting for the Winter on the compilation Rough Trade: Indiepop 1. It's my favorite song on that compilation. It made me want to check out more stuff by The Popguns. I'm very glad that I did.


I love Britpop.


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During September there was a CD I almost couldn't get out of my player/playlist:




I got into Dave Matthews's music this summer and 'Crash' was the first record I tried. Within a couple of weeks, I've bought all cd's he made, but this one is the real classic for me. What and excellent sound, feel, groove and most of all, musicianship. Some of the songs, like 'Two Step', 'Too Much' and 'So Much to Say' have become reference tracks for me in testing speakers/headphones and how they deal with this kind of rock music.

Finally, the song 'Say Goodbye' is one of the best tracks I know, with an intro that really wow's me on good speakers/headphones. Excellent for testing what I'd call 'drum dynamics'.

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I was looking in the Dynamic Range Database for an Album and stumbled on this. The DRD indicated it was a very well recorded album. Steve Earle is a new artist to me, I first heard him on the HBO show Treme' where he played the part of a New Orleans street musician. This is indeed a well mastered DDD album of Earle's original songs.I bought it on Amazon for $2.00, an incredible deal..


Copperhead Road

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optiv backlash.jpg



Optiv & BTK  -  Backlash/Lurker


Cant get enough of this release the past month.  This is neurofunk at its best.  Optiv always releases quality, highly respectable drum n bass neuro tracks.

But this time the drop on Backlash just stuck gold for me.  




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Possibly a cheesy pick to some, but I've been impressed with the new Blink 182 in the first few rotations thus far. Definitely a step up (IMO) from their comedic pop-punk days of the late 90s.

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I stumbled upon this one when watching Ben Stiller's SNL a few weeks ago.


Just a word of caution: some extremely catchy song inside; like Barenaked Ladies' One Week catchy.




Foster the People - Torches





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I have loved everything from these guys, and from Tobacco (their frontman).  This is the one I couldn't stop listening to in November.  Their later albums pretty much occupied my entire summer, too.  

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theauracover.jpg  56K warning




Getting play is the album The Aura by the new band Beyond Creation.


Nice to see a fully mature masterpiece as a first release. They bring superb musicianship to the genre, staying within in template but sculpting a world class slab of technical death metal. This disk sounds fantastic with a set of speakers or headphones. Great recording showing the incredible detail of musicianship and taste. This album beats out many new death metal releases just due to it's listen friendly quality. Some death metal is deep and takes many listens to comprehend but this performs straight out of the gate. 10/10



I wish these Canadians a wonderful future and will be waiting to see if album two even comes close to this bright lamp of creativity. I don't see how The Aura could be outdone. 

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Love this album!

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^ Definitely my most listened to album of november. Great re-issue, the album itselve doesn't need any introduction, i guess.

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B.B.E.'s album "Games". An old Trance album from 1998 with a sound quality on par with a good Decca release. Eclectic and fascinating...

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Gazpacho - London

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Hearts & BonesJust found this on a DJ promo on "Quiex II" Limited Edition Pressing........Killer sounding! probably one of the best finds for Nov. 2011

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