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My first contribution to this thread. I was supposed to post here last month, but the month changed before I did so I kind of missed my chance (no, I didn't forget February had only 28 days, LOL, the days just flew by so fast). I had really strong feelings for my album choice for February, so as a special exception I'll post two albums this one time, one for February and one for March.



My album for February would have been 'Lucid' by Circus-P, which to my knowledge is only available on Bandcamp as a digital download. You can stream it there for free as well (link below the album artwork). Matthew Farnham a.k.a. Circus-P is an electronic Vocaloid producer from the USA and 'Lucid' is his debut album. The album features a wide selection of different Vocaloid singers and the songs are either in English or Japanese (Farnham had help with the translations).


Some of the songs are very bold and take a lot of inspiration from the modern electronic music that's popular today and often done with very bad taste but Circus-P has added his own twist to them and managed to make them into tunes with integrity and artistic value. In contrast some of the songs are slower, less electronic, truly beautiful, but also often incredibly sad. Many of the songs feature deep and meaningful lyrics and so much emotion both in the instrumentation and the programmed vocal performances that I simply am unable to listen to the album all the way through without being forced to hold back tears at several points during its well over an hour duration. Check out the music video for 'Lie' below the artwork in the spoiler section. It's not even close to my favorite song on the album (that honor goes to 'mErcy'), but the video is one of the best done music videos I've seen so far in my life. Just gorgeous.


The album is very likely an acquired taste, but I for some reason find it incredibly accessible myself. Definitely one of my favorite album released in 2012.


(Don't judge the album by its artwork; I think it's awful.)



Official YouTube videos for some of the songs. (Click to show)




My album choice for March was immediately obvious when I encountered this album. I'm still waiting for the CD to arrive to me in the mail but in the meantime the lossless download from Bandcamp has seen quite extensive play – to the extent that I've had to limit myself to prevent ruining the album for myself. The album is a collaboration between Danimal Cannon and Zef and it was done solely using two Gameboys to create the sounds (or software that perfectly emulates the sound, as I understand it). I don't have all that much more to say really. It's a bit too early to say, but this might very well be one of my new favorite albums of all time; it's definitely already earned its place in my personal top 100.


Like 'Lucid', 'Parallel Processing' can be streamed for free on Bandcamp and can be purchased there either as a digital download or as a CD which also comes with the download so you get the files on you computer right away while you wait for you copy of the CD to arrive.



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Anaal Nathrakh: Vanitas


Deliciously cheesy, gussied up black metal/grindcore that honest to god is maybe a foot and a half away from being straight up pop.This shouldn't work, and even if it did it should be terrible, but I haven't had this much fun with a metal release in a while. It really gets the blood pumping.

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Fever Ray

Deliciously dark, playful, and childishly innocent. This was a difficult one for me to get into. At first I could not stand the seemingly out of pitch singing and was even tempted to delete the album from the library. It took me six entire listens to the album for it to grow on me. I am glad I kept at it and finally coming to appreciate this awesome sounding record.
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Downloaded this from HD tracks a month or so ago, and I can't get it out of rotation. Motown era but far different from their counterparts. As in no R&B at all. Kind of a rock/jazz/blues/jam fusion, with really excellent musicianship. From the top 40 hit Cisco Kid, to the alternate rehearsal take of the cover track this is an excellent effort with bonus tracks that are truly worthy of a four-decade anniversary re-release. There's no weak song on here, and Freight Train Jam is my favorite. Highly recommended!

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I think it's time for me to post my album of the month before I forget. The choice is very difficult because I've been listening to A LOT of incredible music this month but almost all of it has been EPs. If I limit myself to just albums there are very few choices for me to choose from. My pick is a good one, though, and something that's incredibly easy to recommend as well. This choice is "Dreamcatcher" by Exist Strategy. To quote myself, I don't really have the words to describe this album, just listen to it for yourself on Bandcamp and if you like what you hear the album is being offered for the price of "name your price", so it can be yours for free if you so choose.



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Black Sabbath

Never tired of it.
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Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Well recorded album. Whoever did the pressing did a great job and cut it perfectly center.

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This one is free on noisetrade.com I believe.

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Shiina Ringo: Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana


Legitimately amazing j-pop that deserves favorable comparison to the best work that Kate Bush and Bjork have put out--it's that good. There are several reasons this has probably never caught on in the West--the fact that it's not sung in English is probably the biggest factor. I could maybe also blame Ringo's voice, which tends toward the shrill side of things, but odd and occasionally unpleasant vocals haven't exactly held back Bush and Bjork from commercial success and critical adoration, so I suppose that's not the best reason. Anyways, don't let the j-pop label scare you off; this is progressive, arty pop/rock at close to its finest. For those of you, like me, who find that most Asian pop is stuck in the same sinkhole that Western pop is, this (and her other albums) should provide some much-needed relief.

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Shiina Ringo: Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana


Havent heard this but I recall Sanmon Gossip was pretty good.

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Posting this everywhere, but it's definitely my album of the month. I've listened to it so many times and love it every listen.


Miyuki - "Shokunin"



It's a FREE download off her Bandcamp website. It can be a tough listen for some, but it retains its beauty regardless. Check it out, she's really a wonderful artist.

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Just epic
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I was looking for new music during this and past month. I found a new genre that I love and it's jazz. It's been complicated to pick only one album because I've listened a lot of good music. I've choose this one, "A livingroom Hush" by Jaga Jazzist, because I think lots of people know the most famous and "classic" Jazzist and maybe not the new one. This group have different influence that goes from jazz to experimental rock passig by nu jazz, acid jazz and electronic.

Animal Chin has become one of my favourite song bigsmile_face.gif That's it hope you like it!!!


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Feel in love with this local band called Half Moon Run and I highly recommend their first album called Dark Eyes if you. Are a Radiohead fan.


Link Here
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I've discovered a lot of great new music this month (fans of DJ Shadow should check out "Cosmic Surgery" by neat beats), but despite that my album of the month is an "old" favorite which was released last summer. I seldom listen to the same album more than a couple of times a year but when Nhato's "Etude" came out I listened to it endlessly, fearing I would wear it out and ruin the album for myself, but miraculously that never happened. Eventually after a few months I left the album alone and moved on to other things. This month I revisited it for a reason I can't remember and now I find myself once again listening to it almost daily. What astonishes me is that I don't remember the album being as good as it is – and it is one of my absolute favorites of all time, so that's crazy! Even when listening to it casually with my "humble" Genelec 6010A speakers plugged directly into my PC's headphone out I'm hearing things I've never heard before, which is again crazy. On my 803s the layers upon layers of sounds are spread in front of me effortlessly for me to digest and I'm always almost at a loss as to what I want to explore. There's no way for me to be sure, but I suspect "Etude" might already despite being out for less than a year be my most listened to album of all time.


What kind of music are we talking about here exactly? Nhato is primarily a progressive trance artist, but he likes to fuse other styles of electronic music into his music and has already despite his age (he was born in 1987) created a style that I think is truly unique and inspirational; best word to describe it would simply be "progressive". I truly hope Nhato is paving a path that other young artists in his field will choose to follow. If trance isn't something you typically listen to and the mere mention of it instantly repels you, please don't be prejudiced in this case; listen to a few of the tracks for yourself, you might be positively surprised by what you hear. Nhato actually studied musical theory in university for four years so he isn't your run-of-the-mill desktop music artist. Still it's his unique way of looking at music that sets Nhato apart in my mind. If I had to describe his debut album "Etude" with one word, it would be "bold".


There's this month's wall of text written. The album is available on Spotify for those who use it. I've also linked all of the songs in their correct running order below as YouTube videos. Remember that 720p gives you the best sound quality on YouTube. Till next month!



Listen to it on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/5iqOuy2v03JZplU3FT5nLK


YouTube videos for the songs. (Click to show)







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