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Good Morning Gentlemen,

    I'm looking to upgrade/change my current portable IEM setup and was hoping for a few suggestions or opinions on some models.  I've owned the Sennheiser CX300's for the past 3-4 years and while they've served me well in that time I think its time to move on. 


- These will be used primarily out of an Ipod while I'm at work or traveling.  Music genres I frequent are metal/indie/classic rock.

- Comfort is probably the most important thing.  Bass needs to be present but is not a huge factor.  They need to be durable.

- Price is can be anywhere from $50 - $400ish.  Though $400 would be pushing it.  Hoping to stay around $200.


I've been considering some of the following models:


Klipsch (S4, X5, x10i)

Etymotic ER-4P

Sennheiser IE8

Monster Turbine Coppers


(Shure models???  I don't know much about them)


I would appreciate any comments on the above IEM's above, or other suggestions on IEM's I have missed.