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40$ solution for jogging

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Hi, what cheap solution ( around 40$ ) would you suggest for jogging , mp3 player + headphone. I need a headphone + player that stay on place when you run. The headphone must resist to sweat , and the player resist to shock when it falls accidentally on the floor. For the music I would listen mainly to techno , house, or stuff you usually listen while doing aerobic. It's obviously not for critical listening since I won't be able to listen every music details while runing, but a nice bass would probably help while having some effort.

For the player I'd like a decent autonomy. I got before an ipod shuffle , and I was satisfied with the build quality /autonomy/sound, but after some times it began to behaves weirdly : the playback was varying without reasons.

If you think that 40$ is not enough , then just recommend me a headphone , i'll buy an other ipod shuffle later (because I can find them easily where I live). I already have an mp3 player but it sucks. Anyway I need a convenient headphone, that gives a feeling of "energy" while listening to music, and it doesn't matter if it doesn't excell on detail resolution.

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Sansa Clip/Sansa Clip+ and a Koss KSC75. Done.

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Ok thanks for the suggestion. I wasn't too sure about the solidity of he sansa clip , but wil add a protection case. The ksc75 seems interesting for the price according to reviews.
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The Clips are pretty solid. I own two of them (Clip and Clip+) and have never bought a case for them. They still look pretty unscratched, even after 2 years of use. Battery holds up well too. 

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Definitely get the Clip+ and KSC75. I have the KSC75 and they are the best outdoor headphones. They have good enough sound quality to make me not miss my M50s when I'm out. The sound signature works well with any genre. They have no sound isolation so you can hear hazards such as traffic but the leakage is bad (I wouldn't use the KSC75 in a quiet room with other people).
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