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Grado SR325is

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Recently my grandmother bought me a pair of Grado SR325is as a surprise. I will mainly be using these headphones in study hall and at home. I am in need of an amp that I can just put in my suitcase or backpack and take along. I was looking at the Grado RA1 but I am not sure if it is necessarily portable. Im in a $350 budget. Any suggestions? Is the RA1 a good match for the 325is'? Is it "portable"?

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RA1 is not portable.


grado's arent hard to drive, you dont need a super powerful expensive amp for it.


and that is quite a nice grandma you have.

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So it will be fine just powering the Grado's from the iPhone?


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I only have SR60, SR80, MS1 and they do get better from an amp. I use mini3, but you might want to wait for someone who uses the SR335


btw the SR335 has a 1/4 plug, that plus the adaptor to 1/8, would make it bulky for portable use

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Knowing how whiny people are in my study hall, I do not think I should take the Grado's. They will probably leak too much noise. Mods can you close this thread?

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Hey there Leicamaster,

JDS Labs CMoyBB uses the same circuit and equivalent electronics as the RA-1, for about $60 you get a decent portable amp. I've been A-B'ing my 325is's against my friend's RS-2's for the past week and prefer the 325is's for most music. My preference tends toward the 325's with the tape mod then the RS-2's with either unmodified bowls or the TTJV Flats.

You can definitely use the 325's without and amp but the amp increases the sound field and extends the bass a bit.



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Wow, talk about an inexpensive portable amp!  It's $33 with shipping?  Sounds like a deal (as long as it performs well).  What are your impressions?  Any issues?



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No issue. RA1 is supposedly simple enough to build. If amataur can build a CMOY I guess it is not difficult for a electronic shop to clone the RA1 in a proper casing. As to the sound, it doesn't add anything or less anything so I guess it does a good job being an "AMP". I heard the same thing for the Grado RA1 Amp too, nothing more nothing less on the output sound other than ampification :) 

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I also saw they sell Ra1 diy kits like this, I am considering very strongly on making one myself and comparing it to my jds labs altoids tin amp:


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hmm for portable if ur going to carry a computer around, i recommend the dac port:)

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