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Sennheiser - Stereo or Dynamic confusion (HD-201)

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I've decided to get the Sennheiser HD-201 headphones. Since I'm in Canada, it seems the best price to get them is on eBay (as Amazon.ca is overpriced on things like this).


I've found a couple good buy-it-now's, but I'm confused... there seem to be two different boxes and titles available.


This, http://cgi.ebay.ca/Sennheiser-HD201-Dynamic-iPod-Dj-Performance-Headphones-/160623200487?pt=Other_MP3_Player_Accessories&hash=item2565e388e7


Says "Dynamic Ipod/Dj Performance Headphones"


whereas this




Says "Stereo Headphones".


And they have different boxes, with different pictures.


Is this a regional thing? One could be from Europe originally, one from North America?



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Dynmic means the speakers inside are on an acoustic suspension and move air by pumping in and out, which means, it's the conventional driver design. Stereo means you get two drivers regardless of what design they are and they're playing Left and Right channels. Those boxes are just newer and older version, AFAIK. THe black boxes are teh newer ones I think, since I've been seeing the other one for quite a while but my cousin bought the HD201 over a year ago on sale for old stock and it had that box. I could be wrong and the box might have just gotten damaged in storage or transit though.

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So, do either of them sound differently or better? Should I get the Dynamic or Stereo drivers?


Thanks again for the help.

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ProtegeManiac was trying to explain that it's not a case of Dynamic vs Stereo drivers. You cannot, in fact, have stereo drivers--"stereo" is not a type of driver.


The HD 201 is always stereo (because it has left and right only) and it uses dynamic drivers.

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Both ProtegeManiac and Eric_C were right. Anyways, the first link below gives you the HD 201 in its new packaging while the second link shows the old packaging design. 


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