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For the volume aspect i think is ok out of galaxy phones..even though imo is less juicy to the sound. But dt1350 will scale much better if amp used.
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Thanks for the input muzic4life.


Well, I'll be finding out myself soon, I just ordered a pair from RazorDogAudio. Can't wait! If anyone's looking to purchase, I mentioned that I'm a head-fi'er and that I've bought from him before and he counter-offered $225. Same price as his open box 1350 but brand new.



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Also, B&H has them for about the same price if you don't want to make a best offer on eBay:



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Originally Posted by devhen View Post

Also, B&H has them for about the same price if you don't want to make a best offer on eBay:




I got mine from B&H.  Good Hebrew family business...

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Just realized Adorama has them for that same price, about $226.


My 1350s come today, they should be here any minute. biggrin.gif

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Great news guys, from RazorDogAudio:


I have 10 sets coming in next week of DT 1350 Facelift with CC.




EDIT: Wow! Checkout his most recent reply:


You will LOVE the facelift version. Only 10 sets were allocated to US dealers and I got all 10!


I just received my 1350s about a half hour ago but... I may just have to snag one of these facelift 1350s with coiled cable. I was considering giving these original version 1350s to my brother anyway....



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More info from RazorDog, this time regarding the EDT 1350 SL and EDT 1350 N replacement pads. I mentioned that I could only find them on Beyer's German site and that Adorama does list the velours but they're out of stock. I was asking if he could get his hands on some.


Not for a while. No one has them in US until fall. Adorama is just trying to drive traffic.
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I just got a pair today. Been listening for little, not too long as today too hectic. Without any burn in, they do sound very nice. I plan to use these mostly with my iPhone 5/ipad and E12 amp. Should be good combo. Will be nice to hear how they holdup against my Schiit M&M stack.

Will have to do some critical listening and repost later in the week.
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Well, we joined the DT1350 club on the same day. biggrin.gif


I've had a similar experience so far. Too soon to give solid impressions but fairly impressive thus far. I just ordered an iBasso D-Zero for use with my Galaxy S2 and my laptop while I'm traveling. Now I'm just crossing my fingers that it will arrive by the end of the week. These are fairly sensitive though. They get loud enough out of my S2 but it will be nice to have more headroom with the volume and I've noticed they do sound better out of my MS2+ and G109 amp.

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To clarify for future readers: This is the original, pre-facelift version of the DT1350.


Initial thoughts on the DT1350:



* The cable looks and feels cheap, is very thin, and has pretty bad microphonics. Also, I wish the jack was a lot smaller and right-angled.

* It can be a bit bright sounding at times

* Soundstage: somewhat small. The DT235 has a much wider soundstage for a fraction of the cost (see below).

* Mids and highs could be smoother (less troughs and peaks)



* The pads: These are very comfortable for me for an on-ear headphone. The new larger pads are said to make it even more comfortable which is impressive. I've been able to wear them for many hours in a row with just slight adjustments every hour or so. There are times when they are a bit uncomfortable, as with any on-ear, but a quick adjustment usually fixes it. I was hoping these would at least be comfortable enough for a full 4 hour plane ride and they definitely are, at least for me. Also, the pads look and feel like they are of very high quality.

* Isolation: Best isolating on-ears I've tried. Very good indeed.

* Build: Looks, feels, performs great. The materials used are high-end.

* Bass extension: The FR graphs show that the DT1350 has something very rare in dynamic headphones: bass that is not rolled-off whatsoever in the sub-bass. Sure enough, this is how it sounds. The bass is not necessarily emphasized but its extremely linear, offering full amplitude at even the most extremely low frequencies.

* Treble detail: Quite good at the expense of being bright at times. High end details are revealed quite well.

* Aggressive, somewhat in-your-face presentation sounds really good with certain genres.


My first thought when trying the DT1350 was that the soundstage was quite narrow. I grabbed my DT235 and was blown away by how much wider its soundstage was. I was also very surprised at how good the DT235 sounded in comparison. I'm constantly being pleasantly surprised by the DT235 and it happened once again. Aside from sounding ever so slightly more grainy, the DT235 competes with the DT1350 on sound quality and actually surpasses it if a large, airy soundstage is a must.


What's that you say, but the DT235 can be had for just $40 and the DT1350 are $200+ headphones? Well..... that's why you don't judge headphones by their price. And don't forget, the DT1350 is built with much more expensive, durable, and attractive materials. But based on sound quality alone..... the DT235 sounds potentially just as good or even better, depending on which aspects of the sound are most important to you. The DT1350 bests the DT235 on bass extension, treble detail, and aggressiveness. The DT235 are more laid back, more rolled off in the sub-bass, less in-your-face in their presentation, and have a more spacious soundstage. Both are quite good and please don't take this the wrong way. Just because the DT235 is ~ $50 and I'm saying it sounds just as good or better doesn't mean the DT1350 isn't good. Its just that the DT235 hits WAY above its price range. Disregarding the DT235, the DT1350 are definitely the best sounding on-ears I've tried. They do sound better than my friend's M80s sounded.


Overall I love these. Its hard not to. They sound good, are comfortable, impressively built, and are lively and active sounding with pretty good energy and sparkle. They can be bright at times but I wouldn't say its overly bright. My Ultrasone PRO 750 were brighter and I still found those tolerable. The bass extension on the DT1350 is spectacular. It seems with every good headphone I get there are details in my music I hear for the first time. This is the first time I've heard new details and substance in the sub-bass. There are some things in the very low frequencies that I suspect very few, if any, dynamics can do quite like the DT1350 does. I also heard some details in the treble that I was quite sure I had never heard before but seemingly only in a small range of the upper frequencies, probably right where the treble spike is around 8-9k. Aside from that, they seal very well, isolate very well, and are impressively comfortable for on-ears.


If you don't want to spend as much money and you prefer a wider soundstage and more laid back sound and you don't need really good isolation, grab a pair of DT235s. They will blow you away when you compare their sound quality to others in their price range. I'm yet to hear a <= $100 headphone that sounded anywhere near as good as the DT235.


However, if you want a durable, very nice high-end looking headphone built with metal and leather that is comfortable, sparkly, somewhat aggressive, has really good bass extension and isolates well, go for the DT1350. You won't regret it.



I forgot to mention: these are quite sensitive. They get loud enough out of my Galaxy S2 and Nexus 7 which is a pleasant surprise, especially with the Nexus 7 which is a bit weak. They do sound slightly better amped though.



After some more thought I think I should point out that although the size of the soundstage was disappointing for me at first, there are some very good things about it. The soundstage is definitely what I would call adequate. Sounds don't get mashed together into the center image and recordings that have good directional queues will sound authentic and have good placement. I want to say that the 1350 have a decently deep soundstage that just isn't very wide, but I don't think that's quite accurate either. With some recordings you don't notice a small soundstage at all unless by direct comparison and there is a level of authenticity there that I can't quite put my finger on but that has been quite impressive. There have already been a few times where I have heard sounds coming from a certain direction and have looked that way, 100% convinced that it was coming from outside the headphones. Its an impressive thing to experience and something that I've only ever experienced with the HD600 up until now.

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Great news, thanks waxdoctor.

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Originally Posted by plakat View Post

The headband cushion of the original version is also available as a spare part (at the german Beyer site http://www.beyerdynamic.de/shop/hah/ersatzteile/kopfpolstersatz.html ) but the new version is still missing in action... I guess they will become available as well but will maybe not fit the old frame: on the photos the plastic padding around the metal frame of the facelift version seems a bit wider than the original version. Maybe they are even mounted in a different way, at least they seem to go edge to edge:



servus plakat,


had a talk to the beyerdynamic's PM and he told me the new headband cushion (as spare part / replacement) will also fit the pre-facelift dt-1350 version - the old headband just has to be carefully undone / unmounted not to damage the cables inside.


this spare part will be available very soon.


actually with this headband and the EDT-1350 SL we could do the old 1350 looking completely 1350 "facelift"-ishly :)


hope it helps!


regards, waxdoctor

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Originally Posted by devhen View Post

Great news, thanks waxdoctor.

very welcome ;)

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