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Recently I got some mail ask me about the battery of E7 when docking into E9, below is the detail answer.



1, We had design a special circuit on E7, so it will automatic reset the charge function to " ON "  when the battery is almost empty


   ( it is decided by the voltage of the battery ), so don't worry about the battery will run out when you dock the E7 into E9.



2, When E7 is docked into E9, the DAC is powered by the build in battery so you can get the pure power supply. but at the same 


  time, the USB power will charge the battery at the same time if the charge function is on, or charge the battery when it almost run




3, When the battery is fully charge when dock into E9, the build in battery work as a super big capacitor so don't worry about the


 battery life.



4, Even the battery is fail , The E7 can still work when dock into the E9,