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For Sale: WTS: Cocobolo Wooden Grado Shells (Pair).

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For Sale:
WTS: Cocobolo Wooden Grado Shells (Pair).

Will Ship To: CONUS

These are Cocobolo Wooden Shells for any Grado/Alessandro headphones that were made my Bilavideo here. These slip-on perfectly and don't require any liberating, soldering, or even glue of any sort since it's a snug fit. Great cheap way to make your Grados sound even better with wood housings rather than the stock plastic housings. They did not come with any screens when I got it so I made my own and it turned out really cool. The shells and the screens will all be included.


Price will be $50 + shipping via USPS Priority mail (around $5). You can send the money as gift via PayPal to avoid fees or you can do a standard transaction, but make sure to add the fees yourself. Feel free to ask any questions, thanks!



P.S. The headphones aren't included as shown in the picture, just the shells and screens.

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