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Very nice roll of toilet paper ;)

Originally Posted by chaosallied View Post

my balanced setup just arrived from TamAudio yesterday... that is the Matrix Mini-i, Quattro amp, high quality XLR and balanced HD650 cable... very nice guy and good seller...

out-of-the box, it seems like my HD650 is on steriods! the soundstage has widened significantly, the bass is tighter, i hear a lot more detail, the dynamics has improved... burn-in in progress












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^thanks, it contributes to the better sound quality :)

btw, will it be a concern putting the Mini-i on top of the Quattro?

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I would normally want more airflow around an amp - so either it on top, or add some isolating feet as spacers. 

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I've been using the mini-i on top of the Quattro from 3 months ago.

Heat was a concern but there's no problem so far.


I use it about 3 hours max a day, turned off for the rest of time.  And I don't use it everyday.

It does get a bit hot but about the same as an NFB-12 if that gives an idea.


The Quattro can't go on top of the mini-i because it's longer.

There's still a few mms of space between the mini-i and the LCD so I might put in spacers today.. good idea.

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i'm actually thinking of isolation feet or DIY spacers as well... will give my combo those as soon as i find/do some =)

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Someone who borrowed my Quattro amp and DAC mentioned that there seemed to be some hum when stacking the two - but only when using sensitive IEMs. The Mini-i could be different though, and the issue was not present when using anything besides IEMs.


BTW, I hadn't realized that the Mini-i was such a good match for the Quattro. Looks very nice together! Especially when they are both in silver like the pic above. 

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just did a DIY feet from scrap materials from the house biggrin.gif




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Originally Posted by chaosallied View Post

just did a DIY feet from scrap materials from the house biggrin.gif




Nice! Is that styrofoam and shelf liner? 

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Originally Posted by project86 View Post

Nice! Is that styrofoam and shelf liner? 

it's a spare packing stuff similar to the protective packing stuff that came with the mini-i and quattro... the blue is an anti-slip mat haha


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Is there a big improvement between running the full balanced setup with the dac, and just running balanced with the single RCA  inputs?

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Hi guys!


I have just swapped the OPA604s for 2 sets of OPA637s that I had lying around....


2 of them are OPA637AP and 2 are OPA637BP....not sure how the specs differ but I fitted them


So far it sounds very good...quite a bit more detailed than with the OPA604s....will need a few weeks to really make up my mind.


Anyone else tried rolling opamps?

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Hi all,


I just picked up a Quattro amp to pair with my Matrix X-Sabre. So far I'm really impressed, especially in a fully balanced setup with my T1s. I'm keen to hear people's thoughts on different op-amps.


I have a Bottlehead Mainline as my primary music amp, but can see the Quattro becoming my go to gaming amp because it's stage is a little tighter and details a little sharper. Overall, it's not as good as the >$1000 Mainline, but it's not shamed by it either, especially at the price point.


Looking forward to playing around with op-amps, but don't even know where to begin...

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Has anyone else tried different op amps in the Amp? Also what is the Opa2604 doing? Is that for the unbalanced input?

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The 2604 is for the single-ended stage, the 604s are for balanced operation. They are essentially the same op-amps only the 2604 is a dual channel (stereo) chip versus the 604s which are single channel.


I've been playing with some other op-amps tonight, but nothing is significantly better than the OPA2604. Different, but not better. I'm looking into some better alternatives now including: AD8066, OPA2107, LT1469, and LM4562. These are all dual channel and would be used in place of the 2604. If anyone has experiences with these and wants to comment, I'd appreciate the opinions...


Also, can anyone tell me if the same A-Class mod that was used on the M-Stage will work on the Quattro's op-amps? (i.e. dual and mono ones?)

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I know the op amps well, I just wasn't sure what part of the circuit the 2604 was in.  I personally can't stand how 604's sound.  I replaced them with ADA4000-1 and ADA4000-2 (2604).  Both of these chips are SMT so they need to be mounted on a BrownDog adapter board.  Its super easy and they work great no oscillation.  I also really liked the LME chips.  Those come in DIP chips so no need for the BrownDog board.  They had a really nice tight bottom end but overall felt a little scooped to me. 


I think if I was really crazy I could replace all the caps in the amp with higher voltage electrolytics instead of the SMT caps.  I think if I used better audio quality caps I could increase the voltage of the amp a few volts with the new IC's.  The caps would probably smooth the amp out even more and the extra voltage would increase headroom a little.


Anyway, I am very happy with the new chips and I am using the Headphone amp everyday now.  The new IC's are well worth the effort and the biggest upgrade that can be done.



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