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For Sale: Phonak Audeo PFE

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For Sale:
Phonak Audeo PFE

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm selling my recently purchased Phonak PFE. The reason behind the sale is simply because their particular sound signature ended up being not for me. They are in great condition, being used only on a couple of flights. The earphones come with all accessories except for the included comply tips, which I used on the airplanes in order to better block engine noise.  My recent feedback is by my username, and my older headfi feedback is linked in my signature.


I've listed 3 pictures of the earphones (and I apologize for my badly performing cellphone camera). You have the entire package with accessories, a close up of the Y split and 3.5mm plug to show that they're intact, and the original packaging plus invoice with warranty information.


If you're interested, please just send me a PM.

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check PM plz

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what model are your phonak pfe ? A how much you want for them ? what city you from?

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