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For Sale: New Monster Turbine Pro Copper

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
New Monster Turbine Pro Copper

Will Ship To: ConUS

Up for sale are a pair of Monster Turbine Copper. These are replacements straight from the factory. I will include the original invoice for warranty purposes.


Asking $165 for PayPal gift. otherwise it's $170; which accounts for the fees


PS: only shipping in the ConUS; sorry rest of the world :(

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I would like to buy it

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I cant send anymore pm :( i understand your concern. I wasn't even thinking of that. Anyway I am not like that at all. I even give you more if i can avoid sending as gift * you can check my ebay rating lanngggtriii * . It's just a safety net for me! Can you PM me your email, ill send the payment over now. Will there be a tracking number?



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my email is langnguyen@att.net so we can talk over email, since i am new to this forum i cant send more than 2 pm a day!

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Sale pending..

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Waiting for them :)

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Sold to NMSX. Thanks for your business floatsmile.png

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how is it compare to Miles Davis?

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Originally Posted by soundtech View Post

how is it compare to Miles Davis?

You could consider the Coppers as the analytical brother of the MD's (more level than the MD's; although both have bottom heavy signatures). There was a time where I perferred the Coppers over the MD's, but ultimately decided to sell the Coppers because they shared more simmilarities to the GR07's (which are my new favorites) than the MD's.

I'm working on selling off my collection and will keep both the GR07 and MD's because they both offer a fairly polar perspective to music; if that makes any sense.


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