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Same here. They haven't charged me yet and the status says processing so I'm just going to wait it out.

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I've been charged for my items. Still says processing. I bought two HM-601s.

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I emailed J&R yesterday. They got back to me saying "the Hifonics HE-300 will not be coming in". Seems like a pretty serious mix up. Sorry to break the news to everyone else who ordered, wishful thinking haha.

If anyone would like to sell me their unwanted he-300 from J&R send me a pm biggrin.gif

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Yeah they told me that my "Hifonics HM-601" will not be shipping, which has me mad because I'm apparently the only person here who was charged after purchasing an out of stock item.

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Now they are arguing with me, telling me that I am wrong, that Hifonics makes it and that it has been discontinued. 

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This finally makes more sense. It looks like someone at J&R got Hifonics and HiFiMAN mixed up. Before they took down the listings, I think they were showing images of HiFiMAN HE-300 and HM-601 which only added to the confusion. 


J&R is a reputable business so anyone who was offered the wrong product will certainly have the opportunity to cancel their order or get a refund.



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But one guy actually got his he-300. Lucky mo'fo tongue_smile.gif

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A HiFiMAN HE-300? For $100?



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Originally Posted by phoaglan View Post

A HiFiMAN HE-300? For $100?



 Yes please

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Just if anyone are curious. The right driver on a, what I think is first revision, HE-300 started rattling and shipping to China to get the driver replaced costs more than a new pair of HE-300. So I decided to crack open the headphones and see what is hiding in its belly. To get the driver out you have to cut with a sharp knife around the driver. It is molded with some kind of glue to the baffle. Now I am not sure if it is just some dirt that had found its way onto the driver, but I am going to test a bit more if it is actually ok.


But here is a picture of the driver itself:


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