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Canadian Shipping Woes (and headphone choice)

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I'm really interested in getting either the Sennheiser 201's or the 202's. After checking the Amazon reviews (I know, that's probably not the best place for headphone reviews, but I'm obviously not looking for expensive ones), the 201's have about 500 reviews and an average of 4 stars, while the 202's have almost 1,500 reviews and 4 and a half stars. The only problem is some people say the 202's left ear cuts out after a few months. That would be really irritating.


Basically, Amazon.com has them way, way cheaper than Amazon.ca or even eBay (because of the shipping to Canada).


First, do Amazon.com even ship headphones to Canada? Would that be under "electronics" in shipping options? If so, I guess it'd be about $10 to ship to Canada.


Secondly, are there any good electronics or headphone stores online? Perhaps Canadian ones?



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Anyone? (Is bumping allowed on this board?)

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Amazon.com will tell you on the page whether it can ship to international locations.


You might want to check with B&H (bhphotovideo.com) because they ship everything to Canada, and if you pick Purolator Ground they will factor in all the import fees and they get over the border super-fast.


Also, $10 might be a bit optimistic.


If you search Canadian Retailers, there is a big thread about stores in Canada that sell headphones.  Long & McQuade sells quite a few Sennheisers, and there prices aren't necessarily as bad as some places.

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What's Canadian Retailers? I googled and www.retailcouncil.org was the first thing that came up. None were just called Canadian Retailers.


Long & McQuade had a few headphones but they were more expensive than the ones I want.


By the way, I decided on the HD201's. People even seem to say they beat the 202's (which have too MUCH bass?).


Obviously not everyone agrees, but for safety, and because supposedly the 202's are less durable (I'll be taking these in the car), I'll go with the HD201's.


Anyway, I actually found a few decent actions and buy-it-now's on eBay.



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Well, the thread is on the first page of conversations, but here: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/548624/listing-canadian-companies-retailers


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Oh, sorry! I thought you meant Canadian Retailers was some kind of web store. Thanks for the link, though.

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The few times I've bought headphones from the US, rates were somewhere between $35-75, sometimes it made it through without paying fees, sometimes not. I've also gotten packages mangled three times now... frown.gif

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